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NIFE: Keycards Plugin
Posted: Posted February 14th, 2018 by Xhin

This plugin introdues yet another room relationships mechanic (man these are stacking up).

Basically, instead of requiring a specific item, Doors can instead run on the Keycard System:

The Keycard System allows you to unlock or lock doors depending on whichever keycard the door is assigned to. This is a bit like the existing system, except that you can set a hierarchy of keycards.

I have this game set up:
to have the following structure:

  • Anyone can unlock a door with no permission set to it

  • Doctor Keycards can unlock Doctor locks, Engineer Keycards can unlock Engineer locks, etc.

  • Master Keycards can unlock Doctor and Engineer locks

  • The Locksmith Keycard can unlock Master and Captain locks. It can't unlock Engineer and Doctor locks (though it *could* if you set it to).

    Basically, each keycard can variously access or be accessed by any other keycard, set in whatever structure you want. For example, I could change the above example so that Doctors and Engineers could unlock each other's locks pretty easily. Or maybe Engineers can unlock Doctor locks but not vice-versa.

    Anyway, let's look at the panel.

    Activate the plugin and you get this screen where you can make new keycards. This is straightforward (they're just items). Once you make some, you'll get a link at the top to adjust Doors.

    Here you can delete keycards or edit them (or edit the item). Again, straightforward.

    When you edit a keycard, you get a list of all other keycards below it. Here you can adjust whether you can override their locks or they can override your locks. These are not necessarily mutually exclusive.

    Here's where you can edit Doors. You can alter what type of lock it is, remove it for the system, or set "Keycards set new permission" -- which makes it so that when a Master locks a Doctor lock, it becomes a Master lock automatically. Otherwise it stays a Doctor lock.

    Here's your auto-action. Basically, you swipe a keycard on a door and either lock or unlock it. You either succeed or fail, and the permissions might change (depending on the door setting)

    This auto-action meanwhile lets you set a door's lock type manually. In order to set a new lock type your keycard must:

  • Be the same or able to override the Door lock
  • Be the same or able to override the lock type you want to set it to.

    So for example if you have a Doctor lock, you can use the Master Keycard to set it to a Master lock or an Engineer lock.

    An engineer wouldn't be able to change it to an engineer lock with their engineer key because they can't override the doctor permission.

    Meanwhile, a Master can't use the Master Keycard to set it to a Captain lock, because they don't override Captain locks.

    If you had one of every key in this game though you could set it to any lock type you want in a few steps.

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    @Moonray: this is an improved version of your request. It'll do the specific thing you wanted it to do though.

    I added you as a Host here if you want to play with it:
    Just clone the keycards and give them to yourself, or just move them over.

    Posted February 14th, 2018 by Xhin
    Fractal icious
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