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NIFE is now Version 5, here's a featurelist
Posted: Posted March 11th, 2018 by Xhin

Previous batch of features: [NIFE is now Version 4, here's a featurelist]

Version 5 of NIFE expands its features so that complex RPGs can be created in NIFE. Most of the updates here were suggested by Moonray, although there's a couple expansions I thought up during the process.

  • [NIFE: Equipment Plugin] -- Makes items optionally "equipment", which means they have to be equipped in order to be used. At the time this applied only to weapons, boosters and shields.

  • [NIFE: The Grid Plugin] -- Adds a panel that lets you connect rooms together in a 2-d grid-like way instead of having to set their relationships manually.

  • [NIFE: Spells Update (also a Moonray request)] -- Separates Spells out into their own section, also allows them to use *ANY* stat, not just Mana.

  • [NIFE: Summon Plugin (Moonray/Ghowilo request, also Braaains is now possible)] -- Adds Summons, which allow players to create new minions on the fly. Summons are like spells in that they drain some type of stat.

  • [NIFE: Amulets Plugin] -- Adds Amulets, which give characters more action options when they equip these types of items -- for example, equipping a "thief gloves" item which allows them to steal.

  • [NIFE: Property avatars (reflected in the playerbox)] -- Gives properties optional avatars, and reflects this on the playerbox for a more visual inventory.

  • [NIFE: Dark Rooms] -- Rooms can be dark.. which means you can't see their room description and also can't move to adjacent rooms that are also dark.

  • [NIFE: Status effect protection] -- Adds a "Protection" set of status effects that prevents you from gaining that status effect for any reason.

  • [NIFE: Clumsy, Mundane, and Night Vision status effects] -- Adds several new status effects.

  • [NIFE: Doors Update, Yet another Relationships Update] -- Alters the room relationships system so that there are Doors which can be locked or unlocked by the Key to be accessible or inaccessible for *everyone* rather than just inacessible for players without the key.

  • [NIFE: Lockpicking Plugin] -- This plugin adds Lockpicks, which allow you to attempt to lock or unlock Doors, Containers and Vehicles that you don't have the Key for. Several Lockpicking systems are supported.

  • [NIFE: Lore Plugin] -- Adds a new type of knowledge which is short articles about the Game world, visible within a player's "Lore" panel. Lore can be received any way that Knowledge in general can be received.

  • [NIFE: Signs] -- Adds room fixtures that can be read to gain knowledge. Additionally, Infobooks and signs can optionally turn into one another. Reading a Sign will also give the player a message.

  • [NIFE: Conditions Plugin (MASSIVE UPDATE)] -- A large update that allows you to filter various things based on various conditions. The amount of possible conditions is pretty massive, allowing for things like characters being near other characters, items having a specific quantity of ammo and real world time settings; however the plugin is currently only hooked into whether room relationships are visible and whether you can ask an NPC something.

  • [NIFE: Offer item to NPC] -- Allows you to offer an NPC a certain item in your inventory, and run events based on whether it's the item they're looking for. Useful for quests in particular. Offers can also be Conditional (see plugin above).

  • [Combat Ranges Plugin] -- Gives weapons a "range" of damage they can deal, rather than a single value.

  • [Host Note System] -- Lets Hosts add Notes to specific panels or entries within them to help keep themselves organized.

  • [Experience System is in place; Player Statistics plugin] -- A system that tracks pretty much everything players do in the game, ranging from all actions to being successful with machines, crafting, activating traps, etc. Additionally, this adds a "Player Statistics" plugin which allows players to see the amount they've done each thing.

  • [NIFE: Skills Plugin] -- Creates Skills, which get leveled up when things happen via the Experience system. Each Skill Level will gain you a title and some set of events might happen to bolster your stats, give you unique items, etc.

  • [NIFE: Keycards Plugin] -- Lets Doors run on the Keycards system rather than requiring specific Keys. Keycards can be hierarchial so that a higher-tier keycard can open a door that a lower-tier keycard could access. Additionally, Doors can be locked by a specific keycard, allowing people with higher clearance to lock doors that lower tiers can't unlock.

  • [NIFE: Dials and Sensors] -- Adds a machine that runs events only if some set of Conditions (see that plugin) are true. Also adds a Machine that you can set to specific values, and that Conditions of any type can then check the value of.

  • [NIFE: Quests Plugin] -- Allows players to go on Quests, where they do multiple things in a world, with probably some reward in the end. All event types are supported.

  • [NIFE Equipment/Auras Plugin] -- Expands the Equipment plugin so that Equipment can boost stats, add status effects, summons, knowledge, etc in a semi-permanent way so long as the item remains equipped.

    Anything not on this list was a minor update or part of v4 (which I worked on simultaneously).

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