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NIFE has a bit of outside interest. Here's my new plan.
Posted: Posted January 24th by Xhin

I went ahead and advertised NIFE in one small place just to see if anyone there was interested. A couple of people definitely were, for its game-making features (which is cool because that's not what I was advertising specifically). Hopefully I can assist them with making their games / worlds in the coming weeks.

My strategy at the moment is to advertise NIFE as-is.. it does have an absurd amount of features already and a decent amount of polish. I feel like this is a project I will never fully complete, and I'm okay with that. A couple of things I want to do before then:

* I have a small interface update that's currently done but I need to fix a major glitch with it. (Have been working on this in secret over the last week)

* Get a quick start guide up. I have a good idea of how to do this. It'll at least give people some idea of what they're doing.

* Get help up for every panel. This will take some time.

* Link NIFE up with gtx0's forums better so new Hosts can communicate with me and each other better.

After that, I've got a few Facebook groups that have been burning a hole in my feed, the other big worldbuilding sites, and I'll start scouring reddit as well in a bunch of different categories. I've got an account there with 3000 karma so it should look pretty legit.

In other news, I have a really solid concept for the new equipment system, which down the road could provide for attack-based temporary debuffs or room-based temporary stat alterations as well.

The work above is unfortunately going to have to wait until I get another job, which should be soon (I've been beefing up my diet/exercise regimen and otherwise succeeding at fixing my life, so the rest of it should follow quickly).

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Also, I'm basically doing three separate campaigns (and may have articles written for each type):

* Competitive automatic games -- these formats let players use the combat system, explore, solve puzzles and otherwise interact in the world without a host present.

* Living Worlds -- these formats aren't competitive. Players share the game world but live out their own adventures. There also aren't rounds, and new content might get added every so often. Instead of a goal, players can freely explore, interact with things, unlock Lore, etc.

* Roleplaying -- these formats are more your "classic GTX0 Adventure". While there might be automatic elements present, players can also roleplay their character's actions, allowing the Host to create new content or change things around every round.

Each type is going to appeal to different crowds so I'll reframe NIFE a bit differently each way.

Posted January 24th by Xhin
Fractal icious
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