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NIFE Equipment/Auras Plugin
Posted: Posted March 11th by Xhin

Part one of these changes: [NIFE: Equipment update 1/2]

This plugin allows you to create Equipment which give semi-permanent buffs to a character that equips them. I also migrated the existing Equipment panel away from the sparring system and to this plugin.

Here you're able to adjust Equipment types, and get to choose which equipment type you want to work with.

You can add items into the equipment type directly.

Below, you can change their equipment type, remove them from the system, or edit their Auras.


Auras are the name given to semi-permanent buffs/effects granted by equipping items.

These should all be straightforward.. you can add to stats (like Health), add to the maximum value of stats, add or remove traits, add status effects..

but you can also add knowledge, add summons, alter stealth capabilities, change a character's carry limit, alter the amount of actions they can perform per round, etc.

Note that if the character already has the trait or summon or knowledge an Aura would give them, that aura is not applied. So unequipping the item won't remove their existing buffs.

Negative numbers are supported, ex "Add to stat [Wisdom] -10" will decrease wisdom by 10 points.

Note also that the system preserves a character's existing stat values.. so for example if you have 5/100 Bones and you equip an item that adds 100 Bones, it will max out at 100, but unequipping it will revert to 5 Bones.

Similarly, equipping an item that adds -10 Bones in this scenario will go to zero and when you unequip it, you'll be back at 5 Bones.

Here's the actual auras panel. The variables here should be straightforward, except for the status effects, where the second variable is the number of hours the effect lasts.

Extended status effects (like Regen) are still unfortunately not supported. This is something I'll fix in v6.

This looks similar to how it already looks, except you can remove equipment via the "remove" option.

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Posted March 11th by Xhin

Yes! This was the big one that I needed for the combat to work.

Now that I have everything I will set aside some time each day to work on it, that way at least it'll slowly progress.

Posted March 11th by Moonray

Sounds good :)

One last thing worth mentioning with this plugin -- if you have equipment that gives you extra health and unequipping it puts you at 0 or below, you die.

Posted March 11th by Xhin

Do you think you could make it put health to 1 in that situation?

Posted March 11th by Moonray


Posted March 11th by Xhin

Quick update here:

  • There's now an Aura that lets you increase XP in a skill.


  • Posted March 11th by Xhin
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