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NIFE: Dials and Sensors
Posted: Posted February 23rd, 2018 by Xhin

This update introduces two new machine types.

The Dial

The Dial is a machine that you can set the value of. The value can be a number, text, a symbol, or a combination of symbols (much like the combination lock).

When you "turn" a dial, it'll show what the value is set to, and you'll be able to set whatever the type of value is accordingly:

( Note here: Inputting something that isn't a number will either turn into the minimum or maximum; going lower than the min will set it to the min. Going higher than the max will set it to the max. )

Using The Dial

You can read Dial settings via the Conditions plugin:

This allows you to read Dials anywhere that conditions are used. Right now, that's room relationships and whether a character will say a specific thing.. so for example you can make the "Ban Moonray" room only visible if a player has written "BAN MOONRAY" on the Reddish-black Dial. In the future it'll be quite a lot of things.

You can set a general "Machine" event trigger for when a player turns a dial at all. There's no machine success or failure events because the player can set the dial to whatever they want.

The Sensor

The Sensor is a machine that only fires its machine success events if some number of Conditions are met.

The amount of Conditions NIFE supports is pretty large.. you could for example only make your Sensor only work if the Magma Dragon is dead AND the player using the Sensor has a "Magma Sword" item.

In order to have a Sensor fire its machine success or machine failure events, you have to trigger it:

Combining the Two

If you use Dials and Sensors together, you can do multi-room puzzles.. for example you can have several Dials that can be set to Fire/Earth/Air/Water in several rooms. Then you have a sensor that checks the values of all the dials to see if it opens the Boss Door or not.

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Posted February 23rd, 2018 by Xhin
Fractal icious
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