NIFE: Cursed/Hallowed/Broken Equipment Plugin
Posted: Posted April 3rd, 2018 by Xhin
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This plugin is an extension of the equipment plugin that adds three new traits: Cursed, Hallowed and Broken.

  • Activating the plugin is the first step, and then you'll see this screen, which will point you to the editing panel for whichever type you want.

  • You'll also get links on the normal Equipment panel.

  • Here you can make items Cursed/Broken/Hallowed (whichever one you clicked on) pretty easily.

  • The "Cursed/Broken/Hallowed" checkboxes appear next to all equipment, whether you're on one of those lists or on a specific armor type. You can use them to set the properties of the equipment pretty easily.

    What the plugin does

  • Broken equipment can't be equipped

  • Cursed equipment can't be unequipped for any reason (you can't remove it, you can't change the slot to something else)

  • Hallowed equipment, if it has Auras, will let you keep the Auras the equipment gave you despite the equipment no longer being equipped. This doesn't stack onto itself infinitely, but you can equip and unequip many different pieces of hallowed equipment to give yourself crazy boosts in stats. Hallowed equipment can totally have deleterious effects if you want.

    Naming System

    Depending on what properties an item has, when you try to equip or unequip it and one of those properties affects things, the name of the item will change to:

  • Cursed (Item Name)
  • Hallowed (Item Name)
  • Broken (Item Name)
  • Cursed/Hallowed (Item Name)
  • Cursed/Broken (Item Name)
  • Hallowed/Broken (Item Name)
  • Ruined (Item Name) (if it has all three and all three have been identified)


    This plugin also introduces a bunch of new events:

    Item Events

  • Curse (Item)
  • Uncurse (Item)
  • Hallow (item)
  • Unhallow (item)
  • Make broken (item)
  • Unbreak (item)

    These should all be self-explanatory.

  • Identify (Type, Item)

    The type here can be Cursed, Broken, Hallowed, or All. Identifying an item will change its name according to what property you're identifying, or all of them if you pick All. Very useful if you want players to be able to tell whether items are Cursed before equipping them, for example.

    Character Events

  • Identify (Type, Mode, Character)

    This works similar to the Identify function above, except it applies to a character's items. The mode here determines which of the character's items to try to identify:

  • Random Propped -- A random item that's cursed, hallowed and/or broken
  • Random Any -- a random item in their inventory in general
  • Random Equipped Propped -- A random equipped item that's cursed, hallowed and/or broken
  • Random Equipped Any -- A random equipped item in general
  • All -- This will identify *ALL* of a character's items.
  • Equipped All -- This will identify all of a character's equipped items.

    More events.

  • Uncurse (Mode, Character)
  • Unhallow (Mode, Character)
  • Unbreak (Mode, Character)

    This works with the Modes above and will uncurse, unhallow, or unbreak some amount of items as set by the mode.

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    Posted April 3rd, 2018 by Xhin
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