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NIFE alpha checklist
Posted: Posted March 15th, 2018
Edited March 25th, 2018 by Xhin

My next major NIFE project is a set of mostly organizational updates I'm calling NIFE Alpha. The goal with it is to have NIFE in a state where it can be advertised to potential Hosts, as well as have a platform for myself where I can add new features without neglecting ways they might impact old features. After NIFE turns alpha I won't need to do cross-linking sessions after every batch of updates since the process will be more streamlined.

There's also stuff in here to make me more organized, allow better host/Xhin communication and speed up development of new features.

Deployment Checklist (this is all stuff for myself)

  • Document panel functions -- Done
  • Document property read/write functions -- Done
  • Plugin maker panel -- Done
  • Stick h2 colors in db and plugin maker -- Done
  • Stick action colors in db and PM. -- Done
  • Autoload all read/write/etc classes in master class -- Done
  • Quick deploy checklist -- I think I've got everything on here now, just need to organize it
  • Fix deploy checklist
  • Migrate stuff inside QD to db and PM

    Live checklist

  • Polish main features again -- prepped
  • Polish plugins
  • Essential bugfixes
  • Essential interface updates
  • Email as contact
  • Talk to other players easier
  • Profile update
  • Journal fixes
  • Subplugins
  • Issue tracker / incorporation into panels / buff fix deploy checklist accordingly
  • Update tracker
  • Panel Docs
  • Quickstart guides

    If I play my cards right I should be able to prep some of this stuff over the next 3 days (I'll be working). Tonight I want to try to get the update tracker up so I can use it to do useful work during my breaks. v0 won't be super complicated because I need it fast.

    I have Monday and Tuesday off, so expect to see a bunch of updates to this list and/or new features.

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    My overall plan is still to hit a few different places to try to get new Hosts. Aiming to get 2-10 here, nothing huge at first.

    Working on v6 and whatever the Hosts (including moonray) will be most of what I'll be doing over the next few months, but I also want to try to build up featuresets to tap into different niches (like worldbuilders and roleplayers).

    Posted March 15th, 2018 by Xhin
    Nature is beautiful

    Things I can plan on breaks:

  • Plugin maker panel
  • Both essential lists
  • Profile update
  • Subplugins
  • Issue tracker

  • Update tracjer

  • Posted March 17th, 2018 by Xhin
    Nature is beautiful

    plugin maker panel

    Basic stuff. Edit name, tagname, description, requirement, category, order and whether to disable.

    Add new ones in a batch way.

    H2 settings with auto preview. Action settings with auto preview.

    Edited March 18th, 2018 by Xhin
    Nature is beautiful

    Missed Monday and Tuesday due to terrible circumstances (don't want to talk about it even). To make up for it, I'm going to hit it very hard tomorrow.

    Posted March 22nd, 2018 by Xhin
    Nature is beautiful
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