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Nier Automata: My thoughts/review SPOILERS AHEAD!!!!!!!
Posted: Posted February 6th, 2018 by -Riku-

First off, I honestly can't figure out what constitutes as a spoiler for this game because I am unaware of what was revealed during any teasers and trailers. As such, anything story related that is huge I will call a spoiler. However, there are also game mechanics that might be considered spoilers but I won't hide those because then this post would be filled with hidden texts. So, let's get started, shall we?

The controls for this game are pretty basic for a hack and slash game. You have heavy attack (2B) and hacking (9S), action/interact, jump, and light attack. The D-pad buttons can let you switch between weapon sets, pods, and bring up the quick menu for healing items. The shoulder buttons allow you to use use pod attack programs, evade, lock-on, and special pod attacks. You can alternate between light and heavy attacks as 2B and A2, however you only have light attacks when playing as 9S. But to make up for this, 9S has the ability to hack into enemies and make them remote control or subjugate them, if they haven't spotted you, or make them detonate, which will happen if you hack them after they've spotted you. There are three pods you can obtain and each has their own programmed attack. One shoots a volley of bullets, the other a streamed laser, and the last one has missiles. There are also pod chips you can equip them with that you find throughout the game. They range from a high powered laser, to a shield that protects against melee attacks, to bombs. Choose whichever ones you like. There are also four types of weapons to choose from. Small swords, large swords, spears, and combat bracers. Each weapon comes with two abilities that unlock as you upgrade them and each effect does something different. They can increase your attack speed, increase your defense, subjugate an enemy to fight for you, or even restore your health when you defeat an enemy. Small swords are the fastest weapons in the game and are the most common. Large swords deal the most damage, but are also the slowest to use. Spears have their own unique attack pattern and require a bit of work to get the hang of. Combat Bracers are the weakest, but can interrupt enemy combos if timed correctly. Also, you can self-destruct by holding in the analog sticks for a few seconds. This will bring your health down to 1 and cause you to lose your shorts as 9S and your skirt as 2B.

THERE ARE THREE PLAYTHROUGHS! After you complete route A and route B, you start route C as A2 and it switches between her and 9S. A2 controls the same way as 2B, though her dash is better I believe. Even though the first two routes play through the same story, there are times where the two androids are separated and different events happen. Side missions unlock as you progress, but once you start the mission in the Flooded City, most if not all side missions that were available up til that point are no longer accessible. If you're worried you missed a side mission, don't be. Once you clear the third route, the game gives you a chapter select option when accessing the game's save point sections (I forget what they're called). This allows you to go back to past sections of the game and do things like grab that one item you missed or do that one mission you didn't know was there. This has proven really helpful for me since there were missions I didn't do and certain items I needed to get that were easier to obtain in the early parts of the game.

The world around you will change as the game goes on. After fighting , a brand new area opens up. This allows access to the Flooded City as well as a few other places that are important to the main story and even one that's important to a side mission. Around the world you'll find treasure chests. There are three types of these: a small one, a big one, and one that has a weird lock on top. The third one can only be opened while playing as 9S due to his hacking ability. Anytime you see that kind of lock, it means only 9S can unlock it. I really can't go into too much more without going into spoilers, so the next few paragraphs are all spoilers. So don't click if you don't want to read them.

Overall, I really enjoyed this game and I'm glad I got it. I have 62 hours on my main file and I'm still not done.

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