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NFL concerned of lackluster attendance for any team, and Tony romo also apparently retired.
Posted: Posted September 14th, 2017 by Weid madden

Read up on Wikipedia about Tony romo. He retired because he couldn't put up with all of the injuries that he aiffeeed, plus Prescott looks like that he could just be as elite as romo was. This is sad because romo was one of the best qb's of all time and could have won a championship if he hadn't fumbled the snap in the 2006-20077 NFc playoffs wild card game against the Seahawks when their kicker (Billy cundiff iirc) was about to attemp a 19 yard chip shot field goal with 1:19 to play which would have given the lead and most likely help them win the game and most likely win their next game against the bears who had vulgar Rex GROSSMAN as qb, who BEARLY beat the Seahawks in overtime to advance to the super bowl only to lose to the colts, which gave manning his first of his two super bowl rings. I bet that romo could have put up a great game against manning in the super bowl if he had made it then. I believe that the cowboys would have received a bye in the first round of that season's playoffs if they had beaten the lions at home on the very last week of the season, which they didn't.

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