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New year's resolutions
Posted: Posted January 4th
Edited January 5th by Cetasaurus
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Got any?

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I have a number but off the top of my head:

Get in better shape. (I'm down 45lbs and I'm running 5 miles 5 days a week)

Read More (trying to knock out 5-9 books a month)

Continue with my Guitar lessons

Start french and Kachiquel (local indenginous language) lessons

Make new friends and integrate within my community.

Posted January 4th by S.o.h.
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1. Take all prescribed meds exactly as prescribed.
2. Make and keep all required appointments.
3. Eat exactly according to prescribed diet plan.
4. Pay all bills and do all required paperwork promptly. (Ugghh! It’s hard, not only because it’s not fun, but also because I don’t see the point of a lot of it!)
5. Get back in to my exercise routine.

All of the above count as restoring old good habits I used to have.

Posted January 4th by chiarizio
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1. Study Korean because of my love for K-Pop now. Also, study Japanese. I want to learn Chinese too, but lol. One language at a time.
2. Stop procrastinating and write my novel!
3. Learn Calligraphy
4. Find a new job because I'm not staying another year at my current job [insert angry face here].
5. I want As in my two classes this semester. I'm tired of getting Cs. S.O.H halp. I have like 1 A and 2 Bs. :/
6. Stop spending money!!
7. Be happier.

Posted January 6th by Castrael
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No one ever keeps them so why bother?

Posted January 6th by tnu
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i keep mine so just because you dont keep yours doesnt mean everyone is as bad at changing their lives as you are

Posted January 6th by 9x19
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I agree with nul.

Posted January 6th by S.o.h.
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Many people don't, many people do still seems like a silly practice when you could just make a change any time in your life instead of forcing it all into one part of it thus potentially making it even less likely that it will change anything for some people because they may be demoralized under the weight of trying to do everything at once.

If it works for you good for you but I think some people should reevaluate how much they're putting on themselves and expecting of themselves at once if nothing ends up working. Focus on one thing at a time rather than keeping it all in your mind at once as many tend to do since they plan all of it so early in the first place.

Edited January 6th by Grey Echelon
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Continue to be a good father and provider for my beautiful wife and read more fuckin' books. Same as it ever was.

Posted January 7th by Locke Bellemir
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I’m making progress but have trouble making it a habit.

Posted January 15th by chiarizio
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Resist the temptation to slay pussy. My mother invited a woman to the house who is into me, but I'm pissed off about it. Apparently, she's short, and I am not into shorties, which makes this even more of a drag. She's my age too, which means she's hit the wall. Luckily, she's in Cuba till the 25 but still, this is such bs.

Posted January 15th by Unlimited MGTOW
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