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New Red Dead Redemption 2 Images
Posted: Posted May 6th by Vandy

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I am genuinely excited for this game and reminds me of how much I really need to complete the first RDR, though since this is a prequel it won’t matter much story wise.

Posted May 6th by Q

I think it will matter. John Marston (photo 5) is the lead character in RDR and I imagine the game will not be the same if you don't know his story in RDR.

I finished it a few months ago. It's definitely worth playing if you're looking for a good single-player story.

Posted May 6th by Vandy

Yeah i know it’s good. I may have to make it a priority soon.

Posted May 6th by Q

Red dead redemption is made here in San Diego. Perhaps my friends can go play it on their warehouse.

Posted May 7th by Weid man

Perhaps Red Dead Revolver will make it’s way to X1 BC.

Posted May 7th by Q

I'd be fine for a rerelease of Red Dead Revolver. Never played it. If they rereleased LA Noire they could do the same for Revolver.

Posted May 7th by Fox Forever
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