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New Music I Discovered -- "Synesthesia" by Porcupine Tree
Posted: Posted June 29th
Edited June 29th by Laxan
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In my never-ending quest to find a band with a sound very close to Pink Floyd, I stumbled across a not-very-well-known group called Porcupine Tree. I learned very quickly that their (mostly the projects of one man named Steven Wilson) early work is the sound that I've been searching for to get my Pink Floyd fix, but their later work kind of devolves into what I call generic metal music--much more boring as musical pieces. No offense to metal heads out there. I just prefer more experimental psychedelic rock music.

But yeah, this is the closest to Pink Floyd's sound I've found. I don't think PT's lyrics are as strong as Pink Floyd, but damn if the music doesn't do it for me! I'm going to share one song below, but if you dig it, try listening to the entire album (which is how these kind of albums are meant to be listened to). Start with Up the Downstair. If you enjoy that, I reccomend On the Sunday of Life, The Sky Moves Sideways, and Voyage 34 purely for the Pink Floyd sound. Signify, Porcupine Tree's fourth album, is where they start teetering off into generic metal. But there are some good tracks on it. After Signify, well... I just can't get into their work. Enjoy the track below (you really only need to listen to the first five minutes)!

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Porcupine Tree was pretty well-liked in the original Gametalk's Music form. I remember hearing about them a lot there. It pushed me to buy their 2002 album In Absentia a few years ago. I like some parts of that album, and dislike others.

I do want to check out some of their other albums to see if there's something more I'm missing. I'll check this out later!

Posted June 29th by Vandy
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Wilson also did really good work on Opeth's Backwater Park, which is usually acknowledged as one of the greatest progressive metal albums of all time. He gave various performances, a significant amount of production work, and contributed to the mixing being massively ahead of it's time.

Posted June 29th by Party Smasher
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@Vandy: I actually dislike In Absentia. It's part of their more mainstream metal era, and it really sounds like it. The Pink Floyd sound I mentioned before is found mostly in what fans call the Delirium Years (early years).

I highly recommend listening to the entirety of Up the Downstair album on Youtube if you like the song I shared (there's a 48 minute standard version and the extended vinyl version, which includes the Staircase Infinities EP). It is by far my favorite Porcupine Tree album.

Posted June 29th by Laxan
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Sounds alright.

Posted July 6th by chiarizio
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