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New Mario & Sonic a disappointment
Posted: Posted March 20th, 2016 by RakashaClown202

It looks like Nintendo and Sega disappointed this time for Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

First, they only have four of the seven Koopalings, and one of the three that isn't in the game is my favorite Koopaling Iggy. One of the four that is is Wendy. Why would they put in the most hated Koopaling instead of Iggy? It crossed my mind that it was because she's the only female Koopaling, but then Zeena (on the Sonic side) is the only female Zeti and yet she's not in the game, but Zavok and Zazz are. (and Zeena is way cooler than Wendy)

And that's just the 3DS version, which restricts all characters except Mario and Sonic to one or two events. Eggman Nega, whom many have longed to play as, being restricted to Long Jump which isn't one of my best events. So that version is not appealing to me at all.

Now, the Wii U version has all characters playable in all events... but they cut a few characters out. They added Boom Boom (a common miniboss) on the Mario side but cut Ludwig, Roy, and Eggman Nega. Aside from the infinite rage that I can never feel the satisfaction of playing as Eggman Nega after they teased us to make us think we finally could, Ludwig is fan favorite Koopaling, why would they ditch him instead of Wendy?

Also, the events listed don't look quite as impressive as in the London 2012 games, which is one of two games I have and my favorite by far

Also... I'm not really a fan of Rosalina's outfit (which, as seen in the 3DS trailer, I thought was her Aquatics/Gymnastics but according to the Wii U trailer it's her main). I wish they'd have given her one like Peach and Daisy's instead. And of all newcomers on the Mario side in this game, she was the only one I'd have been interested in.

And another thing too is that they chose Sticks the Badger, who is exclusive to the TV series Sonic Boom, instead of, say, Zeena or Zor.

On the positive side, they still have Espio and Wave, two of my favorite Sonic characters who aren't playable in many games. Still, that might not balance it out, even though I was once as obsessed with Espio as I am with Nesbitt, an anime villain that shares one of Espio's voice actors David Wills

So sorry Nintendo and Sega, but unless I find that Eggman Nega or Iggy are unlockable characters (and easily unlockable at that), and that the events are as good as London 2012 or better, I am not getting this game.

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I won't be getting this game either.

Posted March 20th, 2016 by Magnum Rage

what kind of twisted reprobate actually has a "most hated Koopaling," much less picks Wendy

Posted March 20th, 2016 by Pirate_Ninja

The kind that played Super Mario Bros. 3 and Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga.

In Super Mario Bros. 3 she has these rings floating around that hurt you however you touch them (at least with Lemmy you can jump on the rubber balls plus his floor is flat because he rides a ball (with a penogram on it)) and it's hard to jump on her while avoiding them, I always take the possession raccoon leaf so I can fly infinitely and still get hit twice before I defeat her

And in Superstar Saga she splits into four WHILE THERE'S A TIME LIMIT. So you have to find the right one and attack her before time runs out.

One of the reasons Iggy is my favorite is that he is the first boss after Wendy in Super Mario Bros. 3 and is refreshingly easy after her. (I used to hate Roy because of the earthquakes he causes when he lands, but I kinda find him cool now)

Posted March 20th, 2016 by RakashaClown202


the only Koopalings in SMB3 that were any threat were Roy and Ludwig, the ones that could stun you if you weren't careful. And from what I remember, the MLSS Koopalings weren't much harder - I think I might've been timed out once by one of them, but that just meant one quick retry.

Posted March 21st, 2016 by Pirate_Ninja

Yeah that was the earthquake I mentioned above. Somehow Ludwig doesn't give me as much trouble as Roy even though they're essentially the same battle and if they weren't so cool (as villains go) they wouldn't be my second and third favorite Koopaling (Roy used to be my second least favorite because of his battle in SMB3). Besides, by using the possession racoon leafs (a.k.a. infinite flight) I can eliminate that threat, whereas with Wendy those rings she sends flying around can still hit me when I use that

Also, I'm willing to guess the one that timed you out was Wendy. And I usually still beat her on my first try (usually the only bosses I ever lose to are Fawful and Cackletta's ghost because of Fawful's dive that's hard to time and Cackletta's advanced spin attack) but she's still annoying

Posted March 22nd, 2016 by RakashaClown202
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