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After 5 AGONIZING years, we FINALLY have a solid release date for Kingdom Hearts 3! January 29 of next year! There are people who are complaining about that it's being released next year and not this year, but we're already halfway through 2018 and I don't mind it being released in January. The fact that we even have a release date is good enough for me! Btw, confirmed world are as follows: Tangeled, Twilight Town, Olympus, Frozen, Toy Story, and Monsters Inc. I also think it's possible that we'll return to Radiant Garden, Destiny Islands, Yen Sid's tower, and possibly Castle Oblivion

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Finally. Took a long time.

Looks like I'll be saving my third vacation for this year for KHIII next year. I think I'll take time off when Dragon Quest XI and Spider-Man releases...

Posted June 11th by Laxan

This game is never going to be released

Posted June 14th by Brandy

I really wish I could get excited about this, but I just can't. Gameplay looks so dated, and the writing/acting/story sounds as awful as ever.

I am glad that fans will finally get this, though! I hated Kingdom Hearts II and have found the series so utterly unaccessible, it's absurd. But you fans deserve to get more of what you love!

Posted June 15th by Jet Presto
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