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Netflix Shows and Movies You Watched in 2019
Posted: Posted January 15th by Castrael

An idea? Just a place where we can talk and share, recommend, etc the shows and/or movies we watched. Iíll start with my list. I have a backlog of shows that I want to watch on MyList and hopefully this will motivate me and you (at least from your list) to watch them. Lol.

My rating is based off 1 - 5 scale. 1 being horrible and 5 being loved. Iíll put them in categories too.

  • Sirius the Jaeger: 4 star
  • Last Hope: currently watching

  • The Head May Err, But Never The Blood.
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    lots of gay stuff

    Posted January 15th by where the tropius live

    I finished watching You last week. It was really good, 4/5.

    I'm watching Travelers, a show about time travelers from the future in the present time trying to affect positive change while inhabiting host bodies of present day people. Good too. 3.5/5

    Posted January 15th by Agis

    I watched a viceland special about men who have sex with each other

    super indiscriminate sex. all of them complete libertines.

    Edited January 15th by where the tropius live

    I find myself relying on Netflix less and less. Was going to watch that Fyre Festival doc on Friday, but it turns out that one of the media companies that promoted Fyre Festival executive produced it, so I don't think I could watch it without finding it inherently suspect. The Hulu documentary, Fyre Fraud, was pretty good, though.

    Posted January 16th by Jet Presto

    Going to use my netflix subscription again for Punisher season 2.

    Ive been going through the Community Im on Season 3. I enjoy the show but as Abed pointed out today "I miss the days where this show took place on a Community College" I found the first season to be the best so far.

    As Ive continued on each episode has become more hit or miss. A good show dont get me wrong. I would recommend it to people especially those who have gone to a community college.

    The christmas episode revolving around Abed is my favorite episode so far. Something about seeing Pierce as a teddy bear made me extremely happy lol.

    Edited January 16th by S.O..H

    Wow, I have tons!

  • *** Trollhunters (season 3)
  • * 3 Below
  • ** Big Mouth
  • Disenchantment
  • * Kulipari: Dream Walker
  • ** She Ra and the Princesses of Power
  • * The Dragon Prince

  • Happy!
  • ** Grace and Frankie
  • ** The Great British Baking Show

  • The Last Laugh
  • * The Little Prince
  • Next Gen
  • Benji
  • The Christmas Chronicles
  • Ibiza

    Favorite: Jesus Christ Trollhunters. While season 3 is not the best, and things take a very strange turn at the end, this is Guillermo Del Toro at his core. Lovable characters caught in a world of the supernatural, strange, and occultish. They battle monsters, and go to school. It sounds like a B series, but it plays like an A-grade adventure with a thrilling story and actually captivating lore.

    Least Favorite: While Benji and Ibiza were pretty bad, it was expected. The Christmas Chronicles deserves mention because it was a huge success for the holidays. But aside from one Elvis-esque music scene, there isn't much else saving it. A lot of people got disappointed on Christmas with another lackluster Christmas movie, this time from Netflix.

    Most disappointing: Disenchantment. Same team of Simpsons and Futurama, set the awkwardness of later Simpsons in the middle ages. If it wasn't for the last few episodes which really raised the drama and created a real novel arc, it's hardly fit given the expertise going in. A series of the last few episodes would be 4 or even 5 stars if done well enough, but most of the show plays like 2.

  • Edited January 16th by mariomguy

    I would recommend it to people especially those who have gone to a community college.

    This is kind of strange given the show is never really *about* going to a community college. It would make more sense to recommend it to anyone who considers themselves a cinephile.

    Posted January 16th by Jet Presto

    in the first season alone they crack jokes about priority registration, being stuck there for years, and a whole number of other things. Things that I related to as some one who went to a community college. Don't get me wrong they move on from this fairly quickly but as far as season 1 goes its all therw

    Posted January 16th by S.o.h.

    I liked Community but started liking it less so because it started going against its own rules that it set up. There's like a weird genre shift where it goes from a funny show centered around community college and starts getting more whacked out the later it became. I actually stopped watching after Season 3.

    For me it would be like if in Parks and Rec they had a season 8 where Leslie went to Mars and started a Mars colony and trying to establish a new interplanetary government. It would just be straying too far from the show's setup in the beginning.

    Posted January 16th by Fox Forever

    As for things in 2019 I started watching (for the first time):

    -A Series of Unfortunate Events (Season 3) (Finished)
    -Cuckoo (Season 4) (Finished)

    -The Polka King
    -The Meyerowitz Stories
    -BASEketball (I remember seeing a poster for this movie when I was 7)
    -The Man Who Knew Too Little

    I also watched Black Dynamite but I'd seen it before and wanted to show it to my wife. She liked it surprisingly. She doesn't like kung fu or spoof films, really.

    Posted January 16th by Fox Forever

    There's like a weird genre shift where it goes from a funny show centered around community college

    I dunno. It was like, the second or third episode that was entirely an homage to Dead Poet's Society. That's when I realized that this wasn't necessarily going to be as how *about* community college. I totally get people preferring more grounded stuff, but I think it was that quick shift in focus that made Community actually stand out, which no one can really deny it did, whether you like it or not, ya know? They just don't make shows like that. Period. Not live action, not one of the major networks. I honestly think that if it stuck with being about community college, the show wouldn't have survived, probably even to the mid-season break. It's just too generic that way. The surrealism of it, used to push more cinematic television, made it pop in a world where we already had "grounded" comedies like The Office, Parks & Rec, or 30 Rock. Sure, they all have a surreal element to them. (All sitcoms ultimately do. It's television. But really leaning into it made it pop in the television landscape.

    But it's like I say: the show is not for everyone, and it's not hard to see why people didn't like it. I just happen to think it was really smart to do what it did, because as a live action sitcom on NBC, I don't think it ever would have garnered the fan base that it did staying kind of grounded and being about community college.

    Posted January 16th by Jet Presto

    I'm not saying it has to stay completely grounded all the time, most shows have little bits of whimsy or references to situations that are a little out there at times. Heck, I'm someone who liked "Get a Life" with the premise of the show purposefully getting more and more out there and making out the main character into a literal madman was genius for the 90s. As for Community itself, I think by the time they did that rocket ship simulator sponsored by KFC I just felt a little out of it. I always intended to go back and judge whether or not I was too harsh on it for some reason but this is the impression I'm left with when I watched the show.

    Posted January 16th by Fox Forever

    As for Community itself, I think by the time they did that rocket ship simulator sponsored by KFC I just felt a little out of it

    the competition still falls under the community college theme. It is farfetched of course but community colleges have to resort to some interesting recruitment efforts to keep their numbers up if they want state grants/ tuition/ compete with other local community colleges.

    Posted January 16th by S.O.H.

    I finished Support the Girls on Hulu last night.

    Interesting film. Summarizes the BS and frustrations store/ restaurant management and workers have to deal with.

    A good manager truly is worth their weight in gold.

    Posted January 16th by S.O.H.

    I liked the first 2 seasons of Community but after that it got too whacky and the characters became almost like parodies of themselves, which I think the show was self aware of. Iím currently watching This Is Us with my mom.

    Posted January 18th by MarvaIo
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