Need help figuring out a sixth pokemon for my crystal team
Posted: Posted Monday by -Riku-
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Lv. 40 Piloswine: Strength, EQ, Endure, Powder Snow
Lv. 33 Noctowl: Thief, Fly, Hypnosis, and Flash
Lv. 43 Feraligatr: Surf, Bite, Ice Punch, and Iron Tail
Lv. 36 Graveler: Strength, Rollout, Rock Throw, Magnitude
Lv. 41 Suicune: Aurora Beam, Surf, Rain Dance, Gust

I have all 8 badges and have made it to the Indigo Plateau

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No second gen team is complete without Girafarig (or Stantler).

But if you really want to be a legend you could rock a Dunsparce. With a BST of 415 he falls in line with the likes of Raticate and Furret except the stats aren't nearly as economically distributed and every single one of his level up moves are trash. He performs best once he's taught Return or, uh, Strength, and with Glare you get a slightly exclusive equivalent to Stun Spore. Through breeding he can learn such game changing moves as... Rock Slide? Bite? You actually get a choice between Rock Slide or Ancientpower! With so many options, why not both? And since you're playing Crystal you can move tutor either Flamethrower or Thunderbolt onto him once you've beaten the game. You might think that's a waste of time, 4000 Game Corner coins, a superior attacking stat (70 vs 65), or of move slots that were otherwise going to the likes of Take Down and Screech, but then again you've already committed to using a Dunsparce, and in so doing the next step of your Pokemon journey can truly begin.

For real though, Dunsparce may have the strength of an Aipom (something else you should use) combined with the speed of a Golem, but he's still objectively better than Lickitung.

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Literally any Eeveelution. No team is complete without one.

Posted Tuesday by Moonray
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Espeon and Umbreon take too long to get and the stones aren't available yet

Posted Wednesday by -Riku-
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I haven't played Crystal in a while, but are level 30-40 Pokemon good enough for the Elite Four? Hell, are they good enough for the last few gyms?

Anyway, what about getting a Dratini and training it up into a Dragonite? Muk has a decent stat total and can learn a decent variety of elemental moves through TMs. Gyarados and Arcanine both have really good stats. Honestly, I'd suggest just checking the base stats of gen 2 pokemon and seeing which one best fits your needs.

Posted Wednesday by Axem Great Water
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40 is the minimum level of the e4. As for dratini, I don't have the patience to train it. It takes way too long to evolve

Posted This Morning by -Riku-
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Also, I took out Graveler since Piloswine has better moves and anything Graveler can take out Piloswine can as well.

Posted This Morning by -Riku-
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