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Name a character in an anime that you despise with all your being
Posted: Posted July 10th by -Riku-

Shinji Matou from the Fate series is a despicable piece of human existence who needs to die a thousand slow and painful deaths for every breath he takes! He is stuck up, obnoxious, violent, controlling, and manipulative. Now, I know what you're thinking. Okay, but does that really justify wanting him to suffer? I left out the worst of it all. He physically, sexually, verbally, and mentally abuses his own sister! IMO, Shinji is the anime equivalent to Game of Thrones' Joffrey Lannister (I know his last name is Baratheon, but both his parents were Lannisters)!

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I'm not the biggest anime guy but I'm watching .hack/sign and the main kid is kind of annoying. He/she spends most of the show teleporting away as soon as his friends try to help him.

Posted July 11th by MarvaIo

literally most of them because they don't shut the fuck up and constantly explain the plot

Posted July 11th by poptart!

this video should explain everything

Posted July 11th by S.O.H.

Any smug anime female except Ryoko from Tenchi Muyo.

Posted July 11th by Cruinn-Annuin

Hakumen no mono from Ushio and Tora. Completely evil, genocidal, and the most vicious character I've seen in all anime. Each episode, I eagerly await to see the heroes get revenge on him for all that he's done. My soul glows every time they kill parts of him or his servants, and I've never despised any character, whether anime or anything, nearly as much as him.

Posted Saturday by Jubei

danganronpa is like...three-sevenths anime so I'm making the executive decision to name tsumugi shirogane

she's absolute shit and represents one of the most tone-deaf, fuck-awful decisions I've ever seen

Posted Saturday by Pirate_Ninja
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