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MyCons Notes
Posted: Posted August 1st, 2018 by Xhin
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This update would add MyCons, which are small icons (32x32? 24x24?) with some kind of text attached.
MyCons are split into Medals and Tags, which display similarly but are selected differently:


Anyone can create these and categorize them into whatever they want. There will be a CP where you pick a category and find tags for it.

The overall purpose is self-identification, like maybe there will be a red/blue elephant icon and the tag will be if you're a conservative. Or there's a UK flag to signify that you live there.


Medals meanwhile are more like achievements. To distinguish them a bit, they can have a custom background color/border.

Medals can be awarded in various ways:

  • Mods can give them out on a by-forum basis.

  • They can be automatically awarded for doing various things in a forum -- at launch this will be making a certain number of posts or replies there. Mods can set these limits.

  • NIFE Hosts can hand them out with the MyCons plugin, either manually or automatically via Events.

  • Admins can create "Features", and assign various users to them to act as Hosts. The hosts here can either be able to make new MyCons or are limited to the ones the admins set. This system will allow Mycon creation for pretty much anything we can think of in the future.

    Displaying MyCons

    All MyCons will appear in a user's profile automatically. There might be some way of customizing it.

    MyCons can replace the little icons in some My card styles. You can still use them there normal way, but if you switch to MyCons they'll be indicated somehow.

    A couple new mycard styles will allow for more MyCons. This won't happen at launch.

    You can also optionally use a Mycon bar to show 4 or so below your mycard, in addition to the ones displayed in your mycard if any.

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    My only suggestion would be to have the tags / medals use a 64x64 image on the profile page, and then downscale it to 32x32 for the main website. I think it might be hard to distinguish between them if they're limited to 32x32 everywhere.

    Otherwise, it sounds great. Looking forward to seeing this in action!

    Posted August 2nd, 2018 by Count Dooku
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    Yeah having it bigger is better, my issue is downscaling will make it harder to distinguish when small.

    Posted August 2nd, 2018 by Xhin
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