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My webcomic!
Posted: Posted May 16th by Aviatrix
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Hey all! Thought I would share with you my webcomic, called 'Fury of the Dawn'. It's got sky pirates, alt-history and lots and lots of god rays. What's not to love?

Imgur link for mobile readers: https://imgur.com/gallery/EjbgeED?fbclid=IwAR1OOQL1CBs31VCF9t0r3-qNtPE8u-vIYx9VzsexRHcgiudxRsVN7Lx4-yE

Website for those on desktop: www.furyofthedawn.com

Or if you love getting updates, you can find me on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FuryofheDawn/

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Sounds neat! Will check it out.

Your website isn't working by the way.

Posted May 16th by Xhin
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It's working on Firefox and Chrome on my end? Hmm. Weebly sucks, at any rate; I'm looking in to other options. It's just that their UI is so damn user friendly.

Posted May 16th by Aviatrix
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works on my phone

Posted May 16th by poptart!
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I used the www.furyofthedawn.com url to read(look at?) the first several(few?) pages.
The art is beautiful!
I think the writing is also well-done.
I’m intrigued by the world-building.
I look forward to having time to read more!

Posted May 16th by chiarizio
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Posted May 16th by Aviatrix
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You've been wanting to finish a webcomic for years now. I remember we threw aroudn some ideas one based aorund a crappy short story I wr ote in high school and the other....Well th at's a long story that you may or may not remember. I remember seeing old designes of a woman in a bloodstained coat that you made like thee to four years ago. Sort of had a Two Fisted tale vibe that yo u would get from an old adventure serial damn sure I at least remember that much

Posted May 16th by tnu
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Looks like splitting something moves it to hell instead. Oh well, no great loss.

Posted May 17th by Xhin
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big meaty doggy knots making human bitches hot

Posted May 17th by knotknot
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You should really see a doctor about that

Posted May 17th by Xhin
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I’m at the page where Edmond Locke is hanging upside-down in front of all those big gears with a crescent wrench in his hand.
How do I get past that?

Posted June 4th by chiarizio
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