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Posted: Posted October 20th, 2019 by Jet Presto
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Saw this on Twitter the other day, a hashtag that was MyUnpopularGameOpinion. The thread wasn't so much about opinions on unpopular games, which I thought the hashtag technically implies. Rather, it was what unpopular opinions one has on a game or gaming thing in general. Thought it might be an interesting topic for the forum.

The one I submitted to social media was: I don't care if any video game, even Dark Souls, has an optional easy mode available. I actually kinda like the idea, as I think for newer or less skilled players, it's cool to have an option available to them so more people can check them out and I have more people I can talk to about my favorite games.

Others that I think are a little on the unpopular side, though no where near as controversial:

Dark Souls II is the From Software game I find the most fun to play.

Mirror's Edge Catalyst, while flawed and a little disappointing given the potential of the series, is one of my favorites of the current generation.

Chrono Cross is a great game.

And the last one off the top of my head: the ending of Mass Effect 3 is no where near as bad as the reaction indicates. (Though I would agree it was disappointing.)

What are some of yours?

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I thought Final Fantasy VIII being your favorite FF game was going to get a mention (an opinion that I find utterly fascinating). Chrono Cross IS a good game for sure.

Here's mine: Mass Effect 3 is the best one of the trilogy.

Final Fantasy XIII is a good game.

Silent Hill 3 is better than Silent Hill 2 by a large margin.

Kingdom Hearts 1 is better than KHII.

The Last of Us doesn't need a sequel. At all.

Twilight Princess is the second best Zelda game, only behind Breath of the Wild.

Posted October 20th, 2019 by Laxan
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I have a massive soft spot for DSII, and could never relate to all the hate it gets from the DS community. I definitely prefer DSIII and Bloodborne, but I could just as easily go back to that game and enjoy it all over again.

The Last of Us doesn't need a sequel. At all.

That's a pretty common opinion shared by most people even looking forward to the sequel, myself included.

I think I agree that ME3 might be the best of the trilogy, though. Especially after watching Giant Bomb play through ME2 again, which used to be my favourite of the series, but man that game has not aged well in some respects. On the other hand, ME3 had (by far) the best combat. Each gun felt unique and could dramatically alter your playstyle. It felt smooth, fast-paced for a cover shooter, and the power combos were great and fun to experiment with. All enough to result in a pretty fantastic multiplayer mode. I also believe a good chunk of Mass Effect's narrative high-points were in ME3 as well, and the overwhelming sense of dread and hopelessness of the war was so effectively tangible. It's just the ending (everything from Shepard reaching the beacon onwards, specifically Star Child) which brought that game to its knees. The Extended Cut and Leviathan helped a little, but the damage had already been done, and ultimately the ending was just not designed or written very well. However I think the other 95% generally surpasses the buggy mess that is ME1 and the repetitiveness of ME2.

Remember Marauder Shields.

Posted October 20th, 2019 by Orion Nebula
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I don't feel like the reaction to ME3 ending is overblown. I preordered the game and took Friday off when it came out to play it and played it hard all weekend. Finished it on Sunday and was so depressed by the (original) ending that I have literally to this day never played it further. I know they made an enhanced ending and then the citadel DLC and I want to go back and continue but I just haven't.

I usually like almost every popular game that has come out and there's not many that I don't like. I think that I actually like a lot of games that people don't. For example I like pretty much every TTG game that's been released and Life is Strange and "walking simulator" games.

Other things that may be unpopular:

Smash Ultimate is better than Melee

Shenmue 2 is leagues better than 1

FZero is way better than Super Mario Kart

OoT ranks like 5th or 6th on my favorite Zeldas. Almost every 3D Zelda to me beats it.

Speaking of Zelda, though I have played nearly all of them I maybe have beaten like half of them. (Not really an opinion but I bet people would say "wtf")

Posted October 20th, 2019 by Fox Forever
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Metroid II: Return of Samus is a top tier Gameboy game, and significantly more enjoyable than the NES original. In fact, the moment at the end with the baby metroid is the most emotionally resonant thing to happen on that platform this side of Link's Awakening. Super Metroid may be the best thing Nintendo R&D1 ever did, but it makes sense that it should be immediately preceded by Metroid II. The emergent potential is all there. This potential, in conjunction with the limitations of the Gameboy, ensure that it was a prime candidate for a remake, even if I'm more inclined to stick with the version that I have. I'll never trade these sprites for 3DS polygons.

There are potentially fleeting moments of unfair or "artificial" difficulty in the original Dark Souls, but the Capra Demon fight is not one of them. The dogs and claustrophobic fighting conditions are essential to making that encounter interesting. In a broader sense, I think that it is perfectly acceptable for the player to be faced with a challenge that is expected to kill them on their first encounter. That is not necessarily bad design.

We talk about games as if they age over time when this is simply not the case, and I tend to think that its myopic to evaluate something strictly on the basis of our then-contemporary expectations as preserved in an intellectual time capsule. Super Mario Brothers is still fun today and I don't anticipate that the passage of time will ever change this for me, but more importantly this is my way of saying that Shenmue is bad, and it always has been.

Not only did I prefer Mass Effect to Mass Effect 2, but I preferred it to such a considerable extent that I didn't even bother playing Mass Effect 3. The way that ME2 excised the RPG systems and exploration elements left that game feeling deficient in a lot of ways.

Posted October 20th, 2019 by Famov
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The pokemon games are hot garbage. Gamefreak and Nintendo should be criticized for releasing the same game year after year. On par with Fifa and Madden.

Posted October 20th, 2019 by S.o.h.
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Mass effect is a series that I would love to revisit one day. But the DLC is ridiculously expensive. I enjoyed the trilogy ans had no problem with the 3 endings.

I did have an issue with a certain bug which prevented me from recruiting some one....

Also realistically the reapers should have killed every one.

Edited October 20th, 2019 by S.o.h.
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my unpopular game opinion is that resident evil 4 ruined survival horror genre

Posted October 20th, 2019 by Brandy
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I don't really keep tabs on what internet people think about video games (or much of anything for that matter) so I'm not sure if I have any unpopular opinions.

I guess I didn't dislike the ME3 ending as much as it seemed like people did? Like it was blegh and whatever but I didn't really care. They had already let me down so much with choices in prior games almost not mattering at all that by the time I got to the end I'd already stopped caring about the story.

Not only did I prefer Mass Effect to Mass Effect 2, but I preferred it to such a considerable extent that I didn't even bother playing Mass Effect 3. The way that ME2 excised the RPG systems and exploration elements left that game feeling deficient in a lot of ways.

I'm with you on this, except I did play and enjoy ME2 and ME3. ME1 might not have been a "smooth" of an experience as ME2, but I vastly preferred it for being a more traditional RPG with shooter elements, rather than a shooter with RPG elements.

Also even though ME2 had by far the best collection of characters in the series, I still dislike that it was basically "filler" in the over-arcing story... With the completed trilogy it very much feels like you could just skip ME2 and not miss anything important to the main story about the Reapers.

Posted October 20th, 2019 by Moonray
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I feel like I've been seeing a lot of love for Final Fantasy VIII, which might be some recency bias as the remaster just came out. Also, it is maybe my favorite, but I really don't think the overall qualify from the Super Nintendo and PS1 era of Final Fantasy games is that great. If I like VIII the most, it's *slightly* more than IX, which is *slightly* more than VII or VI.

The thing about Mass Effect 3's ending - and why I would argue it's definitively overblown - was that yes, it was disappointing. Yes it was bad. And yes, it kinda flew in the face of things the developers said about the game in the years of development of the franchise. But did it merit the incessant complaining? Was it so egregiously bad that people made such a stink, the studio felt like they *had* to wind up creating DLC to "fix" it? Does anything merit a campaign of thousands of people to push a petition? The reaction to ME3's ending was, frankly, silly and way overblown by default. It would have been one thing if people just complained for a little bit and talked about how bad it was. But there were petitions, there were campaigns to get them to change it, and the noise was so loud the Studio wound up doing additional work to address it. I don't think *anything* merits that.

There's a lot about that trilogy that doesn't really age well. I'm not sure what to think about whether ME3 had the best combat. I think from a shooter perspective, no doubt the mechanics and controls were much smoother and actively fun. From an RPG perspective, it definitely improved on ME2, which dramatically downplayed ME1 (ME1 is clearly the best if you're more into RPGs). Thought they found a relatively decent balance between the hyper-simplistic ME2 and the more expansive ME1. But I feel like powers were not really a major part of the gameplay. I still find myself using powers a lot more in ME2 than in either ME1 (because gameplay is so clunky) and ME3 (because I don't think the selection is all that great).

There are a lot of hight points in ME3, and some of the most emotional moments I've seen in games. But I still think the character writing is the best in ME2. For me, the characters really are what made that franchise. The gameplay was kinda always clunky (and haven't aged well), and choices in games are always a little too oversold in my opinion (I'm not sure I've really seen too many "choice" games where it really does feel like my choices matter). I kinda have to disagree with the take that ME2 was just "filler." But I get that from the central story perspective, it is. But it also establishes soooo many of the plot threads and character arcs that are the heart and soul of that series. Like the central story of ME isn't really all that incredible. And so many of the central themes are introduced or built upon in ME2. Rather than saying it's "filler," I'd argue that the games are sort of out of order. ME2 feels a lot more like Act I. It does more set up than story advancement.

Posted October 20th, 2019 by Jet Presto
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Interesting hearing FFXIII is a good game.

I don't think it's *bad* at all. And there are elements I enjoyed about it. But I did find it the most "a slog" of any FF in the franchise.

RE: Pokemon. This is kind of an interesting thing. I've heard this a bit, that Pokemon releases basically the same game every year. But somewhere they must of done something different, because I recently tried to play a newer game, and I found it to be almost unrecognizable. Like, the central basic gameplay structure is the same as the originals, but there's so much more to it now, it seems, that I had some trouble following it having only played Red/Blue/Yellow.

Posted October 20th, 2019 by Jet Presto
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