My thoughts on the Outer Worlds
Posted: Posted November 5th, 2019 by -Riku-
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Having completed one playthrough already, I find it refreshing that this single player rpg shooter is a complete game on day of launch. The graphics are beautiful, although there are a few times where they take a few seconds to fully render, and the gameplay is easy to learn but not easy to master. There are plenty of areas to explore in each world and lots of loot to be had. The game feels like a proper combination of Mass Effect, Fallout New Vegas, and Knights of the Old Republic. The game encourages you to have multiple weapons since some weapons work best against certain enemies. For example, bullets are useless against robots but electric ammo and energy are very effective. The companions are decently fleshed out, save for SAM. Overall, I'd say Obsidian did right by this game and is easily worth the $60 I paid for it. Btw, there are no radiant quests and the number of side quests feels very manageable, especially compared to the likes of most other RPGs.

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