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My thoughts on Spider-Man Homecoming
Posted: Posted December 2nd, 2019 by -Riku-
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Watched Spider-Man Homecoming yesterday. Tldr; I found the movie to be enjoyable but flawed in the story department due to how predictable it is. Despite that, I would definitely recommend this if you're looking for a superhero movie with likeable characters and good fight scenes.

My main problem with the movie is its predictability. Once the movie gets into the main part of the story, the beginning of the movie has parts that take place during or in between the first two Avengers films and Civil War, you can kinda guess what's going to happen. That's not to say the movie is bad, but it doesn't really do anything new. With that said, I really enjoyed it. The acting was good, the effects were decent, and the jokes were funny.

The movie does a good job at showing off both sides of Peter's life both in and out of costume. You can see how he struggles to balance his two identities and how much he wants to prove himself as a superhero. Tony is in the film for three or four scenes and I think he was wisely used. He was there as a support character and he never overstayed his welcome. RDJ's acting in this is what you've come to expect from him as Tony and doesn't really have any big wow moments like he does in other films. Happy got on my nerves. I get what they were going for with him, but he came off as a jerk throughout most of the film.

The three best characters, other than Peter, were Vulture, MJ, and Ned. All of them stood from the other characters and were given plenty of screentime to flesh themselves out. Michael Keaton is my favorite live action Batman, my favorite Batman overall is Kevin Conroy, and I remember enjoying his performance in Beetlejuice but Vulture was nothing like either of those characters. You get to see why he turned to a life of crime and you understand why he does what he does. He's easily one of my favorite MCU villains right up there with Thanos, Gamora, and Killmonger. I found MJ to be smart, funny, sarcastic, and likeable. Her dry sense of humor combined with her serious nature and her smarts make her a good foil to Peter. Ned is Peter's best friend and the only civilian who knows his secret. He doesn't do much to aide Pete in his superhero fight until the climax of the movie, but he's still good at being the best friend who encourages Pete to ask out Liz, whom peter had been crushing on all film.

Oh and the scenes with Spider-Man and his suit's A.I. were pretty funny.

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I don't really "love" this version of Peter Parker (I find Peter a better character when he's actually relatable and dealing with the struggles that most of us deal with, but MCU Peter Parker is actually pretty all set for life. Not struggling financially. Is essentially the heir to the world's wealthiest person. Has frequent, easy access to all this tech. I prefer Peter make his own tech because that's what he has to do, rather than just to show that he's a smart nerd. And he goes to what looks like one of the better schools in Queens. Sooo...not sure how "relatable" this version of Peter Parker is beyond boring, one-dimensional high school drama stuff.)

That said, I do really love Tom Holland as Spider-Man, and I think they get the tone right. Which I kinda think is the strength of both these movies. I can appreciate that they wanted to make it more like a John Hughes film, and it mostly works. Just not what I'm into.

Also didn't like that they did that thing where the villain kinda totally has a point, but they don't even make him a half-complex character. Michael Keaton is always great, but his Vulture was pretty much just "jerk" from beginning to end, even when he kinda did have some worthwhile criticism of the status quo present in the MCU. Kinda turned what could have been a more interesting and complex character into a one-note comic book bad guy. But, I suppose that's what he is.

I much more enjoyed Far From Home, though also not without flaws.

Posted December 2nd, 2019 by Jet Presto
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I actually like that he has access to all this high tech. It's different and gives way for new stories like in FFH (which is definitely better than Homecoming)

Posted December 6th, 2019 by -Riku-
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I like him having tech, but I like it being...jankier.... I don't like Peter Parker having access to Tony Stark for all his stuff. At least, not while he's a teenager. Kinda...gets away from the core character that made him so relatable and subsequently popular.

But yeah, he definitely should have tech. He's largely a tech-based hero to be sure. (When he's not Sam Raimi Spider-Man or Ultimate Spider-Man at least.)

Posted December 7th, 2019 by Jet Presto
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