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My thoughts on KH1FM HD remastered
Posted: Posted May 12th, 2018 by -Riku-

So I've been replaying KH1 for the first time in over a decade and there are some things that I am SO glad Square changed when making kh2. First of all a lot of the treasures you get from trinity detect are crap. Orichalcum, mythril shards, the occasional healing item, gummi blocks, and a few sets of dalmatian puppies. Gummi Blocks are fine, but you don't really need them. The synthesis materials are fine as regular treasures, but not for ones hidden via trinity. The healing items are good, but only if they're elixirs or mega healing items. The gummi ship minigame is boring in the first set of routes and becomes ok by the time you get to Hollow Bastion and TEotW. While I missed having keyblades OG different lengths in kh2, the ones in kh1 don't add much other than raising strength and raising or reducing MP. I actually prefer the summons in kh1 to their kh2 counterparts. Especially Tinkerbell who is the best one since she doesn't remove your party. While I enjoy the levels being designed around platforming, I think the kh2 levels make the world feel more alive. That being said, Atlantica in the first game is obviously better than in kh2. Speaking of Atlatntica, it wasn't a bad level in the first game. Everyone gives it crap because it's a water level, but Monstro was much worse. Oh synthesis in kh2 is a big improvement over the original one. Not only do you store the items with the moogles, but you can find the shops in every world. In the original you have to go all the way back to TT in order to create.

I hope they bring back the Trinity marks because I liked them. I would also like to go back to TT one last time. Oh and despite not having played the game in over a decade, I still remember where most of the trinities are

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haven't played either one in years (probably around release?), but shoutout to Atlantica appreciation. It was different, not bad - you might well like it less than the non-water levels, but that doesn't make it a bad level. And then a bunch of dumbos whined about it and KH2 made it actually shit.

Monstro is and always has been garbo; wish they'd never bothered with Pinocchio as source material.

Posted May 13th, 2018 by Pirate_Ninja

I've collected every puppy and have found almost all the trinity marks. I'm just missing a blue one. I've beaten Kurt Zisa. I've gotten all the torn pages as well and everyone's level is in the mid 60's

Posted May 15th, 2018 by -Riku-
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