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My NIFE open game ideas
Posted: Posted March 9th, 2018 by Xhin

I have a few of these at the moment, at least one is going to launch during v6 development. The basic idea is to have a larger mmo-type world that I can add content to over time. It'll be helpful for streamlining v6 development and will also be extremely helpful for advertising purposes.

Fishing Game

This is mostly something I personally want to play and experiment with.

  • Explore a pretty randomized world, finding rods, baits, lures.

  • Catch fish (everything about them is randomized)

  • Sell those fish to get better rods, baits, lures

    Open Braaaaains

    Players can be either a Survivor or a Zombie Lord. Gameplay differs between them a lot.

  • As a Survivor your goal is to survive.. it'll be very RPG-oriented with lots of enemies to face and cool weapons to collect.

  • Collect random items and scrap or craft them into tools, weapons, armor

  • Collect restoration potions

  • Find and operate vehicles

  • There will be a kind of "save points" system. As a human you can set your spawn to any Human-occupied territory. As a Zombie Lord same deal but Zombie territories. "Signal Towers" are places that control whether a territory is human or zombie controlled and will be kind of hotly contested areas.

  • Survivors can gather up Human NPCs as minions and use them to help fight.

    Zombie Lord gameplay

  • Defeat humans (both NPC and player) to get Braaaaains

  • Use Braaaaains to make more zombies, better types, and resurrect human npc corpses

    The game is very combat-heavy for both sides so I'll need a lot of vC and vN ugrades, plus the squads system


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    Wild Pig Island

    This is more of a Homesteading game. Should feel a bit like Minecraft.

  • Explore the Island, collecting resources and fighting wild pigs

  • Use those resources to craft various things, the most notable being your own little Homestead that you can make however you want.

  • Crops, Livestock, Fishing engines supported and well-used.

  • Get some good equipment and go up against the prince of pigs, Pig Knights and make your way into the Pig lair to fight the Queen Pig. Beating the Queen Pig effectively gives you infinite resources for your Homestead.


  • Posted March 9th, 2018 by Xhin
    Fractal icious


    This is kind of what I'm working up towards. A mix between planetside fantasy elements and sci-fi space elements.

  • Planetside you've got a lot of RPG stuff. Skills, weapons, armor, spells, sorcery, Quests, NPC interactions, etc.

  • Spaceside you have controllable spaceships, alien derelicts to explore, asteroids to mine, etc.

    Depending on your play style, you might use Obelisks to move between planets or you might want to fly between them with your ship.

    You've got two overall goals: to find a way into the Shrouded Planet (probably through Obelisks unless you have really beefy spaceship) and to enter the Sun (definitely takes a good spaceship).

    Some areas have PVP turned off for better / more cooperative questing. Other areas (and especially space) are lawless.

    I'll probably spend a lot of time developing this game in a continuous way, adding more content over time.

  • Posted March 9th, 2018 by Xhin
    Fractal icious
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