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My Mass Effect: Blandromeda experience in a nutshell
Posted: Posted April 10th, 2017 by Jet Presto

(Star at the 12 second mark.)

I've now had four different weird bugs that forced me to shut down the game.

1. Driving to a mission on Eos, it just randomly rebooted.

2. Got ambushed by kett while I was in a dialogue wheel scenario. Got Mission Critical Failure, but was able to continue the conversation. When I presumed "resume," it got stuck on the load screen for 15 minutes.

3. The next day, I loaded that game, and that problem persisted. That save file was apparently just destroyed. Fortunately, there was a separate auto-save file from not too much earlier.

4. Also got a weird thing wherein when I hopped in the Stinkbug Nomad, it suddenly stopped taking inputs from my controller. When I pressed the right trigger, for example, the game made sounds as though the Stinkbug Nomad were driving. When I pressed X, it made sounds like it were boosting, and when I pressed A, it made sounds like it were jumping. (Actually, the camera controls worked fine, now that I remember it.) This persisted for about five minutes before I just reboot my XBox.

This, of course, doesn't factor in the minor bugs that, at this point, I couldn't care less about. Floating enemies or allies, characters clipping, every other line of a conversation (outside the dialogue wheel) just dropping out, characters in the background speaking over my dialogue wheel conversations, et cetera, et cetera. Ya know, the non-game breaking bugs.

Playing on XBox One. Anyone having as bad luck as I've been having?

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Can't say I've had it anywhere near as severe as you have, but I've still encountered enough bugs and performance issues on PS4 that it's made ME1 look super polished in comparison.

The dialogue cutting out has been frustratingly frequent for me, too. Far too often I have subtitles running across the screen, with no audio to accompany it. Or if it is, it's stupidly low.

Posted April 12th, 2017 by Orion Nebula

Yeah, that stuff is annoying, but it's also a little hilarious the number of times I've had squad mates respond to something when driving around in the Nomad, but the other person drops out, so I have no idea what they're responding to. That would happen very occasionally in ME2 for me, but nowhere near a point I could say it "regularly" happens.

I was fighting an Architect last night, and it knocked me off a platform, but then I got stuck in the platform. I could not move, and it actually shifted to a first person perspective. Needless to say, I was subsequently killed. Fortunately, it did not fuck up my save file.

Posted April 12th, 2017 by Jet Presto
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