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My Ideal Nintendo Direct
Posted: Posted January 19th by Blake
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  • Introduction by Reggie or the president of Nintendo of Japan (with dubbed voiceover)

  • More revealed on Luigi's Mansion 3, final name "Luigi's Mansion: Twilight Curse" coming in September

  • First Animal Crossing Switch footage is revealed, yet no official subtitle has been announced, nor a release date

  • Firmware update (6.5.0) with folders and themes

  • SNES games coming to Nintendo Switch Online on February 20 (alongside three new NES games; Super Mario Bros. 2,Kirby's Adventure, and Contra, with SP editions of Super Mario Bros. 3 (With 28 P-wings) and Solomon's Key (final stage).Launches with 22 games (the ones that were datamined)

  • New trailer for a Pokemon game, no it's not the gen 8 games, but its "Pokemon Snap 2", more to be revealed at E3

  • Pikmin 4 and Metroid Prime 4 get new trailers and release dates for Q2-Q3 2019

  • Link's Re-Awakening is announced for 3DS, a sequel, done in the style of A Link Between Worlds.

  • More eShop games are revealed for the Switch eShop, including an enhanced remake of the first Shantae game on GBC

  • More unlockable characters and DLC are revealed for Smash Ultimate

  • Tomodachi World, coming to the Switch (plays more like The Sims and Animal Crossing, based off gameplay footage)

  • A new Switch model revision is announced called the "Switch Lite" which is 20% smaller than the original Switch

  • The usual "Thanks for Watching" message and outtro

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    Are you the same Blake that was on CWBB?

    Posted February 9th by chiarizio
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