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My favorite Keyblades
Posted: Posted February 8th by -Riku-
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So o decided to make a list regarding my favorite Keyblades from the Kingdom Hearts games. Now mind you, most of these are going to be from the three numbered games because honestly the ones in the side games never really stood out to me. First I'd like to give honorable mentions to: Xehanort's keyblade, Way to Dawn, and Bond of Flame

5) Earth's End (KH: BBS): This keyblade is just awesome. It's Terra's keyblade that he weilds against you as Lingering Will and just looks really cool.

4) Two Become One (KHII: FM): I love this one due to its design, its ability to make accessing final form easier, and the fact that you get it after beating Roxas.

3) Wheel of Fate (KHIII): This is by far my favorite keyblade in kh3. It does really good physical damage and it's two formchanges turn it into.a vicious spear called Highwind (no doubt a reference to Kain Highwind from FFIV) and a spear flag called Storm Flag which has the finishing move that summons a bunch of water tentacles to deal damage to multiple enemies within its reach.

2) Kingdom Key (Almost every game): How could I not put this on here? It's THE iconic weapon of the franchise. Sure, it's not as strong or cool looking as other Keyblades, but its simplistic design and instant recognition upon seeing it make me love it.

1) Oathkeeper and Oblivion (KH, KH: CoM, KH 358/2 Days, KHII) If it weren't for Roxas, these two would not be together on this list and, instead, it would just be Oblivion. Being able to dual weild these in your fight against Axel in KH2 and later on in a drive form as Sora is so awesome. Roxas is easily my second favorite character in the series and these two reflect him perfectly. He is part Sora and part Ventus. Oblivion and Oathkeeper are two keyblades I love more than any others.

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