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My Doctor Who list
Posted: Posted September 30th, 2019 by -Riku-
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Time for a Doctor Who favorite list.

Favorite Doctor: This is a tough call, but I'd say 12. 12, then 9, then 11

Favorite Doctor/companion relationship: Again, another tough one. I'm going with 12 and Bill. I feel like they're the modern day version of 7 and Ace. Just that whole student/teacher relationship with a genuine friendship.

Favorite NuWho monster: The Midnight monster

Favorite Classic Who monster in NuWho: The Master

Favorite TARDIS interior: 12's

Favorite Sonic Screwdriver: 13's

Favorite Doctor outfit: 9's

Favorite episode: Heaven Sent or The God Complex

Favorite series: series 10 (Capaldi's last series)

Favorite character that I WISH would be a companion: I'd say either Luke Smith (Sarah Jane's son) or Osgood

Favorite classic companion I'd love to see travel in the TARDIS again: I would pick Sarah Jane Smith or the Brigadier, but sadly both of their actors have passed away. So I'd go with Ace

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