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Posted: Posted February 18th
Edited February 18th by Xhin
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This one aggregates all the threads you've replied to in the last two weeks and sorts them out in a Hottest Replies way.

You can use the "My Active" link in the quicklinks to see the site-wide version of this, or click the "My Active" option in the forum search feature. Alternately, you can manually add &mode=my_active to a forum URL.

This feature should be highly highly useful for keeping track of only the posts you're actually involved in.

@Black Yoshi: Kind of a spiritual successor to the Watchbar.

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Ah, nice

Posted February 19th by Black Yoshi
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and here we are at long last

what a trip it's been

Posted February 19th by Pirate_Ninja
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I really like that the most recent posts in threads get pushed to the top. I remember Daniel's GT did that.

Posted February 22nd by ShadowFox08
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It is soooooo much easier to track the posts you're involved in now. Or just site activity in general.

Posted February 22nd by Xhin
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Ground's what's around
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