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Music Trivia
Posted: Posted May 29th by Gold Teeth
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Here's some stuff that I like thinking about. No particular structure.

The prog rock band King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard makes a practice of highly detailed and highly structured music. They are most known for their prodigious discography, which tells a massive and eon-spanning weird-fiction legend.

King Gizz has, among their many members, two drummers. One of the drummers is, for obscure reasons, not trusted with a kick drum. With this setup, the lead drummer is panned 45 degrees right and the other is panned 45 degrees left, in order to make them distinct. However, the kick drum is panned dead center, giving them a common backbone.

Their album Infest the Rat's Nest was their first to be entirely metal. In order to promote a sense of heaviness, the backup drummer was finally allowed to have a kick drum. The lead drummer added an additional kick drum in order to facilitate blast beats, keeping ahead of the other drummer.

Their album Polygondwanaland features extensive use of instrumental narrative. My personal favorite element of this is later in the album. The earlier two-thirds of the album are relatively normal, with vocals ranging from subdued to boastful, but very understandable. The main character of the album then undergoes a transformation which gives him tetrachromacy, the ability to see the fourth color. This bizarre alteration of his inner world is reflected in the music by the sudden presence of abstract, multilayered vocal harmonies achieved via overdub.

The band Haken is a U.K.-based outfit with a steadily growing reputation as masterful craftsmen of album experiences.

Two of their albums, The Mountain and Affinity, feature cover art with six birds in flight. This represents the six members of the band.

On the climactic track of Affinity, The Architect, they feature a certain guitar motif during the bridge and guitar solo. This guitar motif originally appeared on the track Patterns in the Ivy, from Blackwater Park by Opeth, released over 15 years previously.

Colin Marston is an exceedingly talented musician and producer.

His signature instrument is the Warr guitar, which is a specialized creation featuring the range of both bass and lead, and which is designed to be played mainly by fretboard tapping. He is adept enough at playing this instrument that he is capable of playing two different melodies, one in the bass range and one in the lead range, in different rhythms at the same time.

Colin plays in legendary death metal band Gorguts. He also plays in legendary black metal band Krallice. He also plays in legendary avant-garde metal band Behold the Arctopus. Lesser-known bands that he plays in include Dysrhythmia and Encenathrakh. Colin plays in Dysrhythmia with Gorguts rhythm guitarist Kevin Hufnagel. Colin plays in Krallice with virtuoso guitarist Mick Barr. Mick collaborated with drummer Zach Hill (of Hella and Death Grips fame) on a single album, which Zach claims is the best playing he has ever achieved. Colin and Mick play in Encenathrakh with drummer Weasel Walter, better known for drumming in The Flying Luttenbachers, for whom Mick briefly played guitar in 2005. Weasel used to play in Behold the Arctopus, replacing Charlie Zeleny. Charlie used to drum for Blotted Science, brainchild of guitar madman Ron Jarzombek. Charlie was replaced in Blotted Science by Hannes Grossmann of Tryptikon, Obscura and Necrophagist fame. Charlie had, in turn, replaced Chris Adler, famous for his work in Lamb of God and Megadeth.

Colin did production work for Kayo Dot, a reformation of the band maudlin of the Well. In 2001, maudlin released a double album titled Bath / Leaving Your Body Map. The work was progressive death metal with substantially experimental pacing, tone and lyrical content. The band claims to have not composed much of the music, but to have retrieved the content mainly intact during episodes of astral projection and lucid dreaming. Unfortunately, this unique work was overshadowed by Opeth's Blackwater Park, released in the same year.

The band Dillinger Escape Plan managed to function for over 20 years, despite the significant danger of bodily harm that being in the band brought the members. Two members were forced to leave the band due to, respectively, a broken spine and a gunshot wound to the head. The lead guitarist once broke his neck on stage and managed to complete the set.

Vocalist Greg Puciato once defecated into a plastic bag and threw it at the audience at Reading Festival to protest sharing a stage with Puddle of Mudd. Greg has also been known to practice fire-breathing and to cut himself spectacularly on stage. A true showman.

The Dillinger track Horse Hunter, from the 2007 album Ire Works, features guest vocals by Brent Hinds of Mastodon. Mastodon's album Blood Mountain, released one year before Ire Works, features Scott Kelley of Neurosis, Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age, and Cedric Bixler-Zavala of The Mars Volta. Brent also played with Mars Volta drummer Thomas Pridgen in Giraffe Tongue Orchestra, in which Ben Weinman of Dillinger Escape Plan played guitar.

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