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Posted: Posted January 5th by Jet Presto
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New year, new thread!

I just got back from CATS. And just...wow...so much has been made about the freaky look of them, but you kinda settle into it. The CGI is all over the place, but one imagines that the result of inadequate production time and planning, as well as likely poor directing from Tom Hooper. (Word is that he didn't use the proper mo-cap markings, so the team had a hell of a time trying to keep up. This reminds me of the story that he didn't shoot Les Mis with a click track, which made it harder for the editors in post.) But the whole thing is a mess. Some of it is because its Cats, so innately an incoherent mess. But the audio mixing is incredibly weird and jarringly bad at times. The editing and camerawork is chaotic. Perspective and scale is all over the place. There's even a point where I can see that they used different takes of the same shot, but it's a close up of someone's face, so for just a half second, you can see the image, like, "jump."

It's wild how many technical issues exist in the film that I kind of can't believe the studio released it.

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Keep in mind, the kind of people making these movies once thought that weird Sonic The Hedgehog was OK for an extended trailer.

Posted January 6th by mariomguy
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Well, this is the thing: I don't think it's the people making the movie's fault. A lot of it is definitely Tom Hooper's fault, especially if it's true that he shot the thing without proper mo-cap markers. But I think this is almost a case of "crunch" really shining through. The studio wanted to release it for Christmas (to compete with Star Wars, for some reason), and it didn't matter that it wasn't totally finished. So they had to rush it.

That's really the only way it makes any sense that it has so many technical issues, especially with the CGI, editing, and sound mixing. I suppose it could have gone over budget, but again, that's Tom Hooper's fault.

Posted January 6th by Jet Presto
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Peter Pan - The first time I watched it in complete form. Great movie.

Class of 1984 - A great revenge movie about a teacher who clashes with a gang that rules over the high school. It represents a clash between two unstoppable forces, one fighting for idealism, and the other an incorrigible thug. Boasting a talented cast, a strong script, and a moving soundtrack, this movie is definitely worth watching, and I could kick myself for taking so long to watch this.

Posted January 11th by Post-Wall Olga
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Saw 1917.

Thought it was good, and very technically impressive. But it's also kind of innately gimmicky. I think the gimmick works really well (that being it's shot using nothing but tracking shots to give it the appearance of being all one take). It's really impressive what they managed to do and how well they pull it off. And given the movie only has, like, 1.5 characters, really, it's impressive they made something so gripping.

I don't really think it's "Best Picture" or anything. I know Hollywood loves the oner, so that's probably all it took. But it's definitely worth seeing in theaters. Did feel like the score was a little heavy-handed, but it's a really well-executed film that I can't even imagine the amount of work required to do it. Just didn't necessarily find the film overall to be all that incredible otherwise. A great cinematic experience with a paper thin story, a gimmick that gets old, then becomes a strength again late, that excellently conveys the horrible slog that is war, and the futility of WWI.

It's strange because I don't want to "talk shit" about the movie, since it's good! Just not sure I'd argue it's "Best Picture" level good. Especially beyond the conceit of the one-shot (which, granted, is a pretty big part to ignore), it doesn't necessarily do anything that interesting. It's mostly Lord of the Rings meets Saving Private Ryan meets Dunkirk meets Birdman.

Posted January 13th by Jet Presto
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Spirit Stallion of the Cimarron - Wonderful. Just terrific. I loved horsed as a kid. I loved everything about them, and I love this movie. This movie makes it quite clear that horses don't want to be ridden. The scene when the stallion is caught and the villain tries to break his spirit so that the horse will let himself be ridden highlight that in such a sad way.

Posted January 15th by Post-Wall Olga
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It's a super fun story. I think we can all relate to feeling trapped, but as the movie shows, we can pull through. It's a great way to spend an hour and a half. The ending was also really powerful when Little Creek says farewell to the horse and names him spirit.

Posted January 15th by Post-Wall Olga
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It's been a while. My top films of last year:

Jojo Rabbit
An Elephant Sitting Still
Little Women
Knives Out
Portrait of a Lady on Fire
Avengers: Endgame

Other favourites:

Marriage Story
The Farewell
Ash Is Purest White
Once Upon A Time... In Hollywood
The Irishman
One Cut of the Dead
The Last Black Man in San Fransisco
The King
Dolemite Is My Name
Always Be My Maybe

Still waiting on The Lighthouse to get its cinema release here (not until Feb 6). I adored Eggers' last film, The Witch, and had been following the production of this one ever since. So this loooong wait has been excruciating. Never found the time to see Parasite in its short release window either, sadly. Hopefully I can remedy that soon.

Posted January 16th by Orion Nebula
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I didn't get a chance to see The Lighthouse when we had it, but it was on most of my co-workers' list of favorites.

We still haven't gotten Portrait of a Lady on Fire. Keeps getting delayed here for some reason.

Posted January 16th by Jet Presto
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Back to the future 1 and 2.

Posted January 16th by S.o.h
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Just saw Parasite 2 days ago. Super compelling film. I was surprised, really. I don't mind subtitles or anything in my movies and I know that sways a lot of people. Surprisingly a lot of people were there to see the movie.

I don't want to give anything away especially if you know nothing but I will say that it's not a story I've heard anywhere else. I don't think there was a second in the film where I was bored or I drifted off. I was enthralled the whole way through. First thing I went to say to my wife was basically that it was "very compelling" but she said "enthralled" so we were on nearly the same page. The shots were very interesting and the music was always used appropriately to make a scene feel very enhanced.

Posted February 13th by Fox Forever
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