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We're gonna need a bigger boat.

Figured it was about time to update this thread, so here it is: the thread to talk a little about all of the movies you've watched in 2019! Doesn't have to be just films that released in 2019. Could also be older films you've never seen before, or just ones you re-watched.

I haven't been able to get out to a theater this month, which sucks. (I saw 29 movies in theaters last year, and I really wanted to hit 30 this year, but there just isn't a ton out right now that I really want to see.)

I did, however, watch both of the documentaries about Fyre Festival. I thought they were both good companion pieces. I dunno that I'd say one is clearly better than the others. The Hulu one occasionally has the filmmaker shouting questions from off camera, and I kind of hate that in documentaries. But the Netflix one has fuckjerry as one of its producers - fuckjerry is one of the companies that promoted Fyre Festival and has a history of stealing other people's content for ads. So there's a little bit of an inherent legitimacy question to it. (Of course fuckjerry is going to want to play up that "they're victims too." They helped the fiasco happen, even when it was clear it was all a scam.)

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Saw Into the Spiderverse. It was good. I was slightly annoyed by the handwaved plot devices (which they even lampshaded), but the intricate and powerful visual style was a sight to behold.

Posted February 3rd by nullfather

I've been rewatching MCU movies.

  • I Rewatched Guardians of the Galaxy. It was very good, in fact a lot better than I remember vol 2 being (which I also rewatched recently).

  • Rewatched Age of Ultron because we had a thread about that earlier. As I remembered, this is definitely the weakest avenger's movie. It's actually pretty weak for a marvel movie in general (though not as bad as hulk), though as with all avengers movies, the villain was great.

  • Rewatched Ant-Man. Still my top #1 or #2 MCU movie -- has the best humor imo, an interesting mythology, characters that are flawed without being heavy-handed about it (okay, characterization isn't usually the MCU's strong suit).

  • Posted February 4th by Xhin
    Nature is beautiful

    supposed to go see Into the SPidererse tomorrow

    Posted February 4th by tnu

    Just got back from The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part. And I think I might have liked it even more!

    Posted February 9th by Jet Presto

    Dr. Strange is easily my favorite part of infinity war. As a result I decided to research his origin film. I enjoyed it more the second time around. I still don't think Benedict cumberbatch was the fit for the role but I enjoyed his performance. Outside of the visuals and ending the film doesnt do anything new or impressive. It is an okay / decent marvel film but nothing to write home about. It did peak my interest in Doctor Strange though. If any one could recommend a comic or graphic novel I'm game to read it.

    So far favorite MCU heroes are Captain America>ant man= doctor strange

    Posted February 13th by S.o.h.

    Started this year strong with Hirokazu Kore-eda's Shoplifters (we're not counting When Harry Met Sally... overrunning at NYE). Won the Palme d'Or, deservedly. Mesmerising and affecting, I'd certainly watch it again. My usual cinema has a Kurosawa season on at the minute, so definitely following up with some more Japanese cinema as and when.

    Watched The Killing of a Sacred Deer a few weeks ago. Idiosyncratic doesn't really begin to describe it, and it nails a sense of palpable tension through delivery alone. I'm beginning to appreciate Yorgos Lanthimos's canon, despite having not seen The Favourite yet.

    Watched Annihilation for a second time. It suffered upon repeat watching. Whilst I love the concept, and some of the ideas are somewhat executed (the end sequence is great), it takes a very long time to fulfil any vision it might have had. "Painting by numbers", as my gf said.

    Dragon Ball Super: Broly was ten-outta-ten deebeezee material, easily the finest animated Dragon Ball production we've seen (and rivals a lot of other feature anime), and one of the most gleeful nostalgic cinema experiences I've ever had.

    Bros: After the Screaming Stops is probably next on the list.

    Edited February 14th by Arch

    So far this year I've seen (for the first time):

    Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse
    Mamma Mia 2
    A Simple Favor
    Jacob's Ladder
    Handsome (that Netflix movie)
    The Meyerowitz Stories
    The Polka King
    The Man Who Knew Too Little
    The Farm

    Watched a second time or more:
    Black Dynamite

    Movies I stopped watching part way:

    Watching tonight: Velvet Buzzsaw

    I'm sure I watched more movies on Prime but I can't find a way to access the history on there.

    Edited February 14th by Fox Forever

    Was lucky enough to see a screening of They Shall Not Grow Old. The mountain of effort put into restoring such old film was incredible; it's an absolutely mesmerizing documentary that left me quite emotional. I'd just been in Wellington a couple months beforehand, and had visited Peter Jackson's Great War Exhibition (which, sadly, has now closed). The man's passion for that time in history is undeniable, and I hope this documentary fills the hole that his museum left behind.

    Posted February 14th by Orion Nebula

    Jacob's Ladder

    Good movie, man. I knew someone who raved about it for years before I finally broke down and watched it. Not what I was expecting at all.

    Movies I stopped watching part way:


    I liked brick, but it's definitely in the drama genre, not action / psychological thriller / whatever it's billed as.

    I rewatched some more MCU movies. Thor: Ragnorak was great, Gotg2 is definitely worse than Gotg, Ant-man and the wasp is horrible (oh my god that movie is the most contrived pile of plot garbage -- the villains are more omniscient than the purple guy with 5 infinity stones), infinity war remains great on multiple rewatchings.

    Posted February 15th by Xhin
    Nature is beautiful

    Good movie, man. I knew someone who raved about it for years before I finally broke down and watched it. Not what I was expecting at all.

    Yeah I wasn't expecting what was happening at all. While watching it I was thinking how much it felt like "The Evil Within" (game) and I checked it up later only to find out that the director of the game was inspired by the movie. I call them "head thrillers".

    I liked brick, but it's definitely in the drama genre, not action / psychological thriller / whatever it's billed as.

    I didn't dislike it and yeah it felt like a 40s gumshoe movie stuck in the 00s which is somewhat odd. Kids do not act this way. I had to do something else and I never went back to it. If I do I may restart it all the way over.

    Posted February 15th by Fox Forever

    I managed to watch Mary Poppins Returns. Figured I should given how much I love Emily Blunt and Lin Manuel Miranda. I gotta say, it was actually pretty fun! Not as memorable musically, and obviously unnecessary a follow up to the original Mary Poppins. But, I thought it was fun. Don't have a lot to say about it, just that it was a good time.

    Posted February 15th by Jet Presto

    Ant-man and the wasp is horrible

    I will fight you. Easily one of the better MCU films.

    Posted February 15th by S.O.H.

    I don't think it's horrible. But I don't think it's better than a lot of the MCU films. It's better than the 2 Thor movies and the Hulk movie and maybe Iron Man 2 but I don't think it's better than it's first one or any Captain America film.

    Posted February 15th by Fox Forever

    Eh its better than cap 1, doctor strange, and bp imo.

    Posted February 15th by S.O.H.

    I didn't dislike it and yeah it felt like a 40s gumshoe movie stuck in the 00s which is somewhat odd. Kids do not act this way. I had to do something else and I never went back to it. If I do I may restart it all the way over.

    Oops, I was thinking of Blue Ruin. Brick is a way different movie.

    Overall I liked Brick, but then I do like Neo-Noir movies in general. If you're not a fan of those you're going to get bored quick. Having it be set in modern times with kids is somewhat genius as well.

    I will fight you. Easily one of the better MCU films.

    Dude, Ant-Man is probably my favorite MCU movie of all time. I love the characters and concepts in Ant Man & The Wasp. The characters and concepts are *NOT* the problem, the problem is the contrived way the plot fits together, how the villains somehow always know exactly where to be at all times, the unnecessary tension when they go to rescue Janet.

    Also Ghost was a paper-thin character. Freaking Sonny was a better character with more convincing motivations.

    Posted February 15th by Xhin
    Nature is beautiful

    Eh its better than cap 1, doctor strange, and bp imo.

    I actually like all of those better than Ant man and the wasp. Cap 1 is probably one of my top 3 MCU films.

    Posted February 15th by Fox Forever

    Also Ghost was a paper-thin character. Freaking Sonny was a better character with more convincing motivations.

    Her trying to find a cure for herself is not convincing enough? what the fuck.

    Posted February 15th by S.O.H.

    I just finished watching Ant Man & the Wasp on Netflix!

    Posted February 15th by Cetasaurus
    Formerly KM8

    Watched Velvet Buzzsaw on Netflix. Was odd. I didn't think it was great, personally. From the director of Nightcrawler, I think. To me kind of read as a not-so-subtle-not-so-interesting-one-note commentary on the art community plus camp-but-not-quite-camp-enough-to-be-camp half-satire-but-not-particularly-witty-or-funny horror-y movie. Interesting idea, though. I didn't think it was awful.

    Also saw Entertainment with Neil Hamburger/Gregg Turkington. I don't think it's a very new movie. Was also odd, mostly just sad after sad after sad. I guess it's supposed to be art house. I get the impression that the patheticness of the main character is supposed to be palpable, as is the darkness, the emptiness, juxtaposed to in-poor-taste jokes. But it just didn't seem to give anything for me to walk away with, as far as realizations or musings or anything.

    Want to add that it's very possible I'm missing something. Haven't seen a lot of films in general.

    Patch of Fog (also not a new movie) is great if anyone's seen it.

    Edited February 15th by Ophelia

    Her trying to find a cure for herself is not convincing enough? what the fuck.

    If you're trying to find a cure for yourself why the fuck would you antagonize the people most capable of helping you?

    Posted February 15th by Xhin
    Nature is beautiful

    If you're trying to find a cure for yourself why the fuck would you antagonize the people most capable of helping you?

    Because they *weren't* helping her. That was sort of the point. Bill Foster was Hank Pym's partner and Bill was literally the only one willing to help.

    I loved Ant-Man and Wasp for various reasons. I do think they ruined a lot of the good visual gags in the previews, though. I dunno that any Marvel movie has suffered poor trailers quite like both Ant-Man movies. Kinda ruin the best jokes.

    Posted February 16th by Jet Presto

    Jet said iy best.

    I didn't watch any of the trailers. I know for the first ant man I had a specific throw down ruined for me in one of those TV Spot ad things. I would have lost my shit if I jad scene that throw down in the movie forst. Fuck you ESPN.

    Posted February 16th by S.o.h.

    I also hate a lot of trailers and previews. Especially the ones on Netfkix (that automatically play when you're reading the description and thinking about it).

    Previews for comedies like Ant Man are probably the worst, since they want to put the funniest jokes and gags in. But it makes you miss out on seeing them fresh and in the context of the movie.

    Posted February 16th by Agis

    I caught Glass on Friday.

    1st two acts were great. The third act fizzles out a bit. It was a good time I was shocked that the theater was so packed though.

    Posted February 18th by S.O.H.

    Whoa. I managed to make time for TWO movies this week!

    Saw CAPTAIN MARVEL. Really liked it! Not the best movie ever. Could *possibly* be a top 5, on the edge there, for a few reasons. But would depend on the day. Definitely a top half of Marvel movies for me. Was a good time, I thought. Fun, sci-fi adventure flick that had a few cinematic components I quite liked, a solid sense of humor, and made some actually really rad changes from the source material that made it better (in my opinion). Was a good example of how to change from the comics to make for a better film.

    But the one I want to rave about is APOLLO 11. It's a sort of documentary about the Apollo 11 mission to the moon. It's all told through archival video and audio footage. No narration. No information. It's just a sort of condensed way to experience the whole trip, and I really cannot say enough about it. It was such a gripping film to watch. The soundtrack was incredible. And ugh. It was just great.

    Posted March 12th by Jet Presto

    Captain marvel is on the lower mid tier range for me.

    I enjoyed it more than black panther and doctor strange.

    When it comes to the more recent stuff

    Infinity war> ant man 2> Spiderman > CM =DS>BP

    One day I'll create a list of my rankings for the mcu. But not this day or any time soon. Kudos to you for rewatching them.

    Posted March 13th by S.o.h.

    I watched THE FAVOURITE.

    I dunno what I expected, having seen the Lobster. Really well acted, interestingly shot, but definitely intense.

    Posted March 17th by Jet Presto

    I caught US last weekend. What an unsettling film. I liked it more than Get Out.

    Posted April 4th by S.o.h.

    Yes, Us was better than Get Out. It moved faster as a movie. The only thing I'm tired of is people saying it's a "horror film" when it's more like a thriller film with humorous elements.

    Posted April 4th by Fox Forever

    "if you want to get crazy" "we can go crazy"

    family proceeds to rush him


    I had to suspend my disbelief for a good chunk of the movie but Ill be damned if I did not enjoy every second of it.

    It is my favorite "Horror" movie right after "IT"

    Edited April 4th by S.O.H.

    "Alexa, call the police"

    "Playing 'Fuck tha Police'"

    Posted April 4th by Fox Forever

    I caught Shazam last night. I really enjoyed it. Of all the 15+ comic book movies that have been released since the MCU Hulk movie this one has the most heart out of any of them. It is not the perfect comic book movie. But it is a fun ride.

    Pretty crazy how WW aquaman and Shazam are turning the DCCU around. I come from a very minor camp that loved Man of Steel.

    But If I had to rank the comic book movies in general for my top five it would prob be:

    Winter Soldier
    Man of Steel
    Dark Knight Rises (TDK is the superior movie but man I like this one more. Something about the opening sequence, Bane, and batman coming back after being in Hiatus really make the movie for me)
    Spider Man (Tobey Mcguire gang gang)
    Infinity War

    DD Season 3 and Punisher Season 1 as an honorable mention

    Edited April 21st by s.o.h.

    Also saw Shazam. I liked it, and thought it was less of a mess of a film as Aquaman, but I enjoyed the visual spectacle of Aquaman more. I had...some problems with Shazam. But overall, it was a fun time, and Zachary Levi was great. (And I always love me some Mark Strong.) The visual gag in the air above the city was one of the funniest bits. In some ways, Shazam kind of was Deadpool for children. Was neat to see them make a superhero movie wherein it just sort of assumes the audience knows the tropes and can play with that.

    Posted April 22nd by Jet Presto

    Into the SPider-Verse and I thinkt hat's it.

    Posted April 22nd by tnu

    Just watched John Wick. Good movie. Hyped for 2 and 3.

    Posted April 22nd by Cruinn-Annuin

    I forgot 3 is coming out. Happy you liked the movie! Ome of the best action m movies.

    Posted April 22nd by S.oh.

    I have seen trailers of movies I want to see. I have seen no evidence of funds with which to see them.

    Posted April 23rd by chiarizio

    Avengers: Endgame

    It’s definitely up there on my top favorite. 10/10

    Captain Marvel’s cool. Going to see her movie next. I also want to see Tolkien and Dark Phoenix.

    Edited May 4th by Castrael

    I saw Happy Death Day 2 U - Excellent. It wasn't as great as the first, but it was still an awesome movie.

    I also watched a lot of giallo movies and I saw most of Soledad Miranda's movies. Her presence is so compelling, but my favorite performance was in She Kiled in Ecstasy. Vampyros Lesbos was good too, but not as gory as She Killed in Ecstasy. She has done quite a number of movies, but she shines with Jess Franco who could either make really interesting or really bad movies.

    Edited May 4th by Jubei
    This path is one that I have chosen myself

    I saw Happy Death Day 2 U - Excellent. It wasn't as great as the first, but it was still an awesome movie.

    I’d like to read more.

    I also watched a lot of giallo movies and I saw most of Soledad Miranda's movies. Her presence is so compelling, but my favorite performance was in She Killed in Ecstasy. Vampyros Lesbos was good too, but not as gory as She Killed in Ecstasy. She has done quite a number of movies, but she shines with Jess Franco who could either make really interesting or really bad movies.

    More about this, too.
    You do realize both the actress Soledad Miranda and the filmmaker Jesús Franco passed away a while ago? He went in 2018; she died in 1970.

    Edited May 6th by eldin raigmore

    I think it was Jesus Franco.

    Posted May 6th by chiarizio

    I rewatched End Game yesterday. It was great seeing it on the big screen but I still think Infinity war is the better movie.

    Posted May 6th by S.O.H.

    Just saw Detective Pikachu today. It was a lot of fun! I mean, I'm not the biggest Ryan Reynolds fan, so your mileage might vary depending on that aspect (I like him just fine, but him perpetually playing characters that never shut up is...not the best, in my opinion).

    I think, and I know it means nothing, really, it is hands down the best video game movie.

    Posted May 22nd by Jet Presto

    I think, and I know it means nothing, really, it is hands down the best video game movie.

    I am happy to hear that. I still think resident evil aftermath is the best video game movie.


    I find the guy to be annoying

    Posted May 22nd by S.O.H.

    See, that's the thing. I don't think he's annoying in the proper doses. But it's like since Deadpool blew up, he's only gonna be the guy who won't shut up. In an ensemble piece or as a secondary character, he's totally fine.

    Posted May 22nd by Jet Presto

    Black materia

    Edited May 22nd by Brandy

    John Wick 3 was perfectly adequate. I loved the first hour, but the story really meandered once he left New York, and some of the fights were drawn out waaaay too long (the final fight being the biggest culprit, compounded by the fact it was the least interesting fight in the entire film). Gotta hand it to everyone involved in the choreography though, because no other other action movie quite reaches this series' sheer creativity and flawless execution in that regard. There's a knife brawl early on which had everyone flipping out in my cinema, including myself.

    While I do find the lore super interesting - and I like how they're gradually expanding on different sections of it with each instalment - the narrative really does take a back seat to it now, and I'm finding myself kinda missing the simplicity of the first John Wick. Even the character himself is starting to feel less of a character, and more of a vessel for that world.

    Posted May 23rd by Orion Nebula

    Why is Endgame not on everyone's list?

    Posted May 23rd by Q

    Why is Endgame not on everyone's list?

    Well I only watched it the other day.

    Posted May 23rd by Fox Forever

    Why is Endgame not on everyone's list?

    Because I unwatched it by clearing my mind of that filth.

    Posted May 23rd by I killed Mufasa
    I killed Mufasa
    long live the king

    Probably because there was a whole other thread about it that got a lot of posts. I dunno how other people use this thread, but I try to dedicate my posts here to the movies that probably won't generate a whole lot of discussion.

    Posted May 23rd by Jet Presto

    Also, apparently the director of John Wick 3 is from my town. So weird.

    Posted May 23rd by Jet Presto

    I’d like to read more.

    About Happy Death Day 2U - The horror genre is full of disappointments. Most of the time, the movies are defined by the desire to profit off the success of the first, much better movie, a masked slasher, and not a lot else. Sometimes there are good sequels, but for the most part you go in expecting the plot to be a repeat of the original. In Happy Death Day 2U, that's exactly what happens - a girl named Tree is being pursed by a masked killer, she's stuck in a time warp, and keeps waking up after he kills her.

    Even with high expectations I wasn't let down.It was entertaining, inventive, and it makes you care about the main character. The only difference between this and the first is that Tree is transported to another day but she's still reliving the same day till she can unmask the killer (again) or find a way out of the dimension.

    More about this, too.

    Hmm. Jesse Franco is one of the most prolific filmmakers of lesbian movies.

    He's also one of the most prolific filmmakers of all time with around 160 films he's produced. When his movies are good, they're a perfect example of surreal Euro-exploitation cinema. When his movies don't work, they're unwatchable and it's the reason why he's got a reputation as a lousy filmmaker. Since he's produced so many films, it's not surprising that he's made a lot of awful movies, but he's also produced some gems and Vampyros Lesbos and She Killed In Ecstasy are among them.
    Soledad Miranda gave a dazzling performance in both of these films. Vampyros Lesbos is basically a lesbian retelling of Dracula. That's the best way I can describe it. Both of the films have some WLW elements, but in She Killed in Ecstasy it's just a few scenes but the tension is palpable, and it's a revenge movie about a woman making it her mission to get revenge on the doctors who prevented her husband from furthering his stem cell research, thus driving him mad, culminating with his suicide.

    Soledad then goes on a murdering spree, using a knife to stab them. It's not too graphic. The kills would be lame, but Soledad is nude during all those scenes. In fact she's nude for like all of the film hehehe.

    Posted May 23rd by Jubei
    This path is one that I have chosen myself

    Thanks 🙏, @Jubei:!

    Posted May 24th by chiarizio

    You're welcome. The first time I saw Vampyros Lesbos was back in 2013 and it was also the first Jess Franco movie I ever watched. I didn't become a Jess Franco junkie immediately after viewing it, but it was like a gateway into his movies that lead me to more of his films later on. He really shines when he's working with Soledad Miranda and I'm glad Vampyros Lesbos was his first film that I watched since it encapsulates everything I like about him. Vampyros Lesbos or Lorna the exorcist would be the best movie of Jess Franco to start with since they show highlight his essence perfectly.

    Of the two, I'd pick Vampyros lesbos since it has one of the best sounds ever made. Furthermore, the fact that Soledad Miranda's wearing such hot outfits throughout the film helps.

    Btw, in Happy Death Day 2U Tree's transported to another dimension where has to live the same day over and over. The killer isn't the same person in this one. It was a gutsy move to make the sequel based on the plot being the same as the first but it pays off in this one.

    Posted May 24th by Jubei
    This path is one that I have chosen myself

    Saw Booksmart. I really liked it! I thought it was very touching and funny. Was a really good time. Everyone in it was so great.

    Posted June 10th by Jet Presto

    Since I have a temporary HBO subscription I watched "Isle of Dogs" yesterday with my wife. We both really enjoyed it. It's unlike anything I have ever seen before. Highly entertaining.

    Posted June 11th by Fox Forever

    Just watched Blade Runner: Final Cut and Blade Runner 2049 back to back. The original remains a masterpiece. Need to watch 2049 again, but I'm generally very positive on it.

    Edited June 13th by Cruinn-Annuin

    Gave it a couple of days and then watched 2049 again. It's a great movie. I've seen a lot of people talking shit about it. Those people are retarded.

    Not for casuals. Extremely dark, extremely provoking.

    I've seen people complaining that there are no Asian leads in the movie. These people are being completely tone-deaf and ignorant of the overt racial commentary that's already happening and which shoehorning in Asian leads would have muddied.

    Edited June 15th by Cruinn-Annuin

    I've been working my way through the X-Men films, all of which I passed on when they originally came out. Initially, it was in preparation for Dark Phoenix since the premise seemed interesting (as well as to familiarize myself with the characters in case of an eventual MCU adaptation), though I've since learned that a) the film isn't considered very good and b) this isn't even the film series' first take on the exact same storyline. My exploration has been limited to the ones that I have easy access to, so thus far I've only seen The Wolverine and Days of Future Passed as well as the two Deadpool movies. Days of Future Passed was a great movie, and I enjoyed both Deadpools, while The Wolverine was forgettable. I'll be watching Logan tonight, and eventually Apocalypse, though I've been told the latter isn't so good.

    As far as theater films this year, the only non-MCU film I've seen is How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World. This is one of my favorite film series, and the third film was an unexpected gift. I don't know that it was strictly necessary, nor was it as good as the first films in the series, but it was a satisfying conclusion to the trilogy.

    I also rewatched the first two Raimi Spider-Man films. Macguire is definitely an inferior actor to Holland (and Garfield, though I don't think Garfield was particularly suited to the role), and these films are definitely more cheesy than the superhero films we get nowadays. Sometimes intentionally so, sometimes not. But they were still a good time, and the Octavius storyline in Spider-Man 2 remains fantastic. Those films are still a fun watch, though I'm not particularly eager to revisit 3.

    Edited Last Night by white lancer

    did you watch The Wolverine or X men Origins Wolverine?

    I really liked the one that took place in Japan. The Third act falls apart though

    Posted This Morning by S.O.H.

    I need to rewatch The Wolverine, but I remember liking it quite a bit! It falls apart in the final act, but all the X-Men films do (and, really, most superhero films do, too). It's not as good as Logan, nor as consistent, but I tend to rank the X-Men movies like this:

    1. Logan
    2. First Class
    3. X2: United
    4. The Wolverine
    5. Deadpool
    6. X-Men
    7. Days of Future Past
    8. X-Men: The Last Stand
    9. Deadpool 2
    10. Apocalypse
    11. X-Men Origins: Wolverine

    (Haven't seen Dark Phoenix yet, though. I'm sure it will be near the bottom.)

    There really are a lot more of them than I remember. And boy, the quality is mostly not great. I think generally, the problem with the franchise has less to do with it's shit-show of a "time line" (it's only ever really a problem when they want to care about it for its story, which is why I had many issues with Days of Future Past - but otherwise, the lack of a coherent or sensical timeline is totally fine), but rather, with the fact that they are still sort of building around Bryan Singer's vision. Apart from what a piece of human shit he is as a human, his vision for the franchise has always been boooooring.

    Like, ok, maybe that first X-Men movie needs to be a little muted. It feels very late '90s, and influenced a bit by Blade. Maybe it had to be, because at the time, audiences hadn't clearly embraced the weirdness of comics. So, replace the fun, visually recognizable costumes and characterizations with generic leather uniforms and toned down characters. Fine. But, that doesn't explain why every step of the way, he has resisted the comic book-i-ness of the franchise. Where I think Zack Snyder gets too caught up in wanting comics to be "edgy" and "gritty" to the detriment of his films, at least he comes from a place wherein he respects the medium as an artform (even if he doesn't quite get it). Singer, on the other hand, has always felt like someone reluctantly making superhero movies who is embarrassed about it. It's not enough to just not include the colorful, fan-favorite costumes; he also has to literally turn it into a joke to make fun of the idea. That's sort of always been the feeling I get from Singer-led or inspired X-Men films. And I don't think it's a coincidence that some of the best received X-Men movies are the ones that get away from Singer's style (like Deadpool, Logan, or First Class, which still tones it down but is at least more inspired by Joss Whedon's run of Astonishing X-Men).

    I need to rewatch the Raimi Spider-flicks. I rewatched Spider-Man 3 recently, and I was struck by how I didn't think it was bad for any of the reasons it's popular to consider it bad for. Like emo Spider-Man isn't the problem with the film, nor is that dancing sequence, as comical as it is. (Like, I *really* think the intention is for it to be awkward, campy, and sort of funny. And I think it makes sense that that is what a nerdy dude like Peter Parker, when corrupted by the symbiote, would think of as "cool" or something. To be sure, it's a bad scene, but I don't think it's as bad or detrimental as everyone else does, apparently.) But man, the film still is bad. Has some good stuff in it, though.

    As it pertains to the actors, I think so much has to do with the directors and their visions. I'm not the biggest Tobey Maguire fan, but I think he fits the Sam Raimi films way better than Andrew Garfield or Tom Holland would have. Similarly, I don't think Maguire or Holland would have fit into Marc Webb's Spider-Man films as well as Garfield did. And I don't think Maguire or Garfield would fit in with the current Marvel-led Spider-Man films, either.

    Basically, I think each Peter Parker has been flawed and imperfect, but each has really fit their respective series really well, though. I prefer the Holland version (I mean, to be honest, I prefer Into the Spider-Verse over all live action Spider-Men), but they're all doing kind of different takes on the character. None have fully captured the essence of the comic version, but they've all done a good job getting enough and working it into their respective films.

    Posted This Afternoon by Jet Presto
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