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Posted: Posted May 9th
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YOu asked me a while ago what I've been doing towards my goals and here's a little bit of it. I've been orginizing wiht a lot of these guys over the years

with the common goal of getting Legends continued (some of us have other additional goals but those are subfactions that still cooperate with eachother) I can vouch fro a few of my friends listed on the site to namely Jason Dietzel, Matt WIlkins (who was a huge rallying force since the beginning and a great guy!) and Dylan Kling in perticular/ they've done really great work to make Legends material more accessible to new readers and to try and help achive our long term goals.

Unrelated to that specifically b ut I've also been part of an anti-censorship community I was invited to from Twitter a few montsh ago.

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From what I found on that site, they seem to just want Legends to be continued in some way. They don't necessarily care about erasing the new canon. Not sure if that's where your priorities have switched to over the years or what, but it's a very reasonable goal and one I think is almost guaranteed to happen at some point. It will never be as extensive as it was and you will also 100% hate it no matter what, but there will probably be a new Legends novel at some point.

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LIek I siad it depends on the faction some see it as an endgoal some see it as a first step.

i'm not sure wha tyou specifically mean I"ll hate so not sure how to itnerperate that.

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I mean, even if you get exactly what you want from the EU, you will hate whatever new content comes out. There's no way you will actually enjoy it. You're too invested. Any small flaw, any slight inconsistency will be a death sentence for you. Especially since Disney will almost certainly own Star Wars forever, and you hate Disney. It will be their fault that this novel didn't properly reference the Mandalorian Wars or that this event happened in 22 ABY NOT 23 ABY or that Corran Horn's lightsaber is SILVER in its default state and only turns violet when he activates the dual phase shift and how could they not know that?

And even if you could find it in your heart to ignore that kind of stuff, you'd never accept the quality of the new works. The stories aren't as good or the characters aren't true to themselves or whatever and, again, this will be amplified because it's SO obvious that if Disney weren't in control these types of things wouldn't happen (even though all of these things were extremely common in the old EU too, Han almost never acts like Han in any of the books and they constantly fucked up dates, events, references, and especially lightsaber colors). I can see the Youtube videos and Reddit comments now.

And even if you could stomach that kind of stuff, how the writers craft the stories and how you interpret the stories will forever be affected by the new canon. You can't unopen that can of worms. Rey, Kylo Ren, new Mandalorians, lightsaber crystals, they will all have a lasting effect on the collective Star Wars community. You'll always think about that kind of stuff when ingesting new Legends content, even if it isn't canon to that universe. There's no going back.

Posted May 9th by The Bandit
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Therefor? It seems like there's a part two to this like you're trying to sell a "superior" alternative. I wo uld like you to cite some of these claims you make about Legends more specifically. Otherwise it seems like you're just trying to discourage me from pursuing any and all outcomes that come even remotely closer to w hat I want from the current state in favor of an outcome that I have seen no indication of yielding a desired outcome. Or am I just reading you totally wrong?

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It seems like there's a part two to this like you're trying to sell a "superior" alternative.

Oh, no, not at all. I'm absolutely, 100% fucking done with trying to convince you to do anything with your life. I'm just pointing out the very obvious truth: nitpicky nerds cannot be satisfied with anything.

I wo uld like you to cite some of these claims you make about Legends more specifically.

If you're asking me to source a prediction, then I'm afraid my crystal ball is in the shop. If you're actually asking me to source the numerous inconsistencies in the EU, then let me Google that shit for you:
It's shocking to me that you would ask for a source at all, because I assumed it's common knowledge to anyone who knows anything about the EU. I know you (like me) have wasted many hours on Wookieepedia. Surely you're reading the Trivia and Behind the Scenes sections of those articles? Because every few articles you'll find some minor contradiction or fuck up.

The article even says this:

It is an open secret in the Star Wars fandom that the fabric of the EU was not without its wrinkles. Contradictions between the EU tales were detectable all around, if one managed to carefully thread the multiple branches of the narratives in the EU and pay close attention to the details.

So I dunno why you don't know about this stuff.

That article doesn't even really address the major ones that weren't really their fault, like the Clone Wars not being about mad clones or the Ruusan Reformation retcon or the absolute travesty that is the Jedi Prince series (that last one IS their fault). The sourcebooks are also frequently wrong in hilarious ways. There's the one that, for some reason, includes a bunch of early draft KOTOR II stuff like Darth Atris that isn't in the base game or the "official" cut content at all.

(For your sake, please don't waste your time "proving" that none of these are contradictions and they're all legit. I REALLY don't care and won't read a word of it.)

Posted May 10th by The Bandit
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most of the contradictions I've ever seen were later resolved fixed, explained, or accounted for when they arose. as it stood the old EU was about as good as I had ever seen it and I've never seen better when it comes to balancing continuity, scope, rnage of media, level of detail, etc eveyrthign else usually falls short in one of thes areas. When nitpicks did come up they tended to be addressed (there were even people specifically respoonsible for doing so befor (basically precursers to the current Story Group even with a liot of the same membership). Matt Wilkins who 's part of the site staff has a video going over a handful of them. I can promise you I've heard all these before and gone over them time and time again. but the effort to maintane continuity can be soruced at least as far back as 1984.

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No one is denying that they tried to avoid contradictions, and there are plenty of accounts of them going out of their way to clear up contradictions when they did creep up. I am not saying, "don't like the EU, it's full of holes." I am simply saying that if it does come back, there will be holes then too, but I doubt you'll work as hard to make excuses for them.

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getting t he original conti n uity back up and running is a good start no matter what fro mw here I'm standing. as long as they keep to the standards that were maintaned pre-Dave FIloni i'd cosnider it an improvement. I see literally no other option that's offering me anything.

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Honestly, I'd love to see the original Star Wars setting continued. I mean, there's already a ton of stuff for it, but that doesn't mean there can't be more.

Posted May 10th by Axem Great Water
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Well it's good that you've found people who you can discuss older Star Wars material with.

as long as they keep to the standards that were maintaned pre-Dave FIloni i'd cosnider it an improvement

What exactly is your issue with Dave Filoni?

Posted May 10th by Moonray
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