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What are these and why are they so cool
(aka Count Dooku's avatar)

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Xcom 2 loading screens converted into gifs. The way they move around slightly looked cool in the game, and I figured it might look neat on a mycard. Moonray was kind enough to host them for me.

The 'Avatar Project' is a game mechanic/plot point, and also a good name for a working folder that has to do with avatar/mycard stuff.

Posted April 15th by Count Dooku

Posted April 15th by Xhin
Nature is beautiful

Makes sense. What kind of game is XCOM 2?

Posted April 15th by Xhin
Nature is beautiful

The symbol is just the Advent logo (alien baddies). I only used their loading screens because they're generally cooler looking than the 'good guy' loading screens.

XCOM 2 is a turn-based strategy game. You control a small squad of soldiers in the human resistance (XCOM) against the Advent. There's an overall goal/timer you work against, with specific story missions you do as you meet specific objectives. And there's a seemingly infinite variety of side mission/objectives to do to either level up your squadmates, get resources, etc. When you're not on missions, you have a home base you can upgrade and use to research upgrades/new equipment.

It's a lot of fun if you're into strategy games. But it can be punishingly difficult even on 'normal' if you're not totally aware of what you're doing. I probably should have restarted my first game about half-way through, because I learned so much about what I should and shouldn't be doing early on.

It tends to go on sale on steam fairly often. There are a few DLCs that add some interesting things, and a major expansion pack I've yet to play but keep intending to pick up if it ever goes on sale.

Posted April 15th by Count Dooku

I think @Xhin would really dig XCOM/XCOM2

I can't recommend XCOM2 as I haven't played it, but XCOM enemy unknown (2012) and XCOM enemy within (2013 expansion) were a lot of fun. There's essentially 2 main components of the game. The strategy rpg component: where you kill enemies, harvest supplies, capture aliens for research (which opens up new skill trees). Theres also a class system and a rank up system and a skill system for your individual troops. You also customize their loadouts as well.

A few examples of decisions would be to use a grenade to ensure you take out an alien, or take a 60%% chance of downing them with an assault rifle in order to harvest more supplies (since explosives destroy supplies). If your squad member takes damage they may not be usable on the very next mission because they'll need time to recover, so if you make a risky decision you could end up paying for it.

The next component of XCOM is base management. This is where you make use of your supplies retrieved to build your base, discover new skill trees with research conducted on dead alien bodies and living aliens and other recovered artifacts. You have scientists for research and engineers to develop new weapons/armor/equipment/build jets to shoot down alien craft to unlock extra missions for farming/exp gain. You are limited in what you are allowed to research, however, so it pays to know what to go for, but that is something that obviously comes with knowledge of the game.

Sometimes missions will give you a new troop member who may be higher ranked or a scientist or an engineer in addition to money or supplies or Intel or some other reward that interacts with your overall progression somehow. You may see a mission that has a very high payoff but is also more difficult than an easier mission. It's your decision to make if you want to go for the difficult Mission even though your best troop members are wounded unexpectedly and won't be able to fight or go for an easier mission and take a lesser reward but ensuring your other troop members won't get rocked so hard.

Overall the most addictive aspect of XCOM is the fact that you're making large/minor decisions constantly and you really have to put thought into what your planning on doing or else mistakes can snowball and it's all your fault.

Game is hard though. Even on normal. But the learning curve is one of the more rewarding in any game. You can mismanage your base, have too many of your troops die in Combat and flat out lose the game when your only missions away from beating it.

Edited April 16th by Kaot0

What Dooku said.

Posted April 16th by Moonray
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