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Two questions for you:

1. You keep mentioning the game Stellaris and that's apparently what your mycard is as well. What is that game like and why is it fun? It looks kinda interesting.

2. Isn't yooka-laylee out now? How is that game?

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Also lol at the URL. I'd totally buy a vintage copy of Moonray 64 to play on my N64.

Posted August 9th, 2018 by Xhin
Nature is beautiful

Moonray 64 is considered the best in the series, it went downhill after that.

1. You keep mentioning the game Stellaris and that's apparently what your mycard is as well. What is that game like and why is it fun? It looks kinda interesting.

So at its core its a strategy game and plays very similar to games like Civilization, except it's all in real time instead of turn based and it has planets instead of cities/settlements.

Early game is all about exploration and expansion. You send your science ships out exploring, see what's around you and then claim the strategic locations. Some people (Dooku) hate this phase of the game because after you've played the game enough times it becomes pretty samey even though there are a lot of random events in the game to try and change things up. I tend to quite like it because usually you get to just focus on your empire and I like the moments in games where the borders get drawn.

Mid game starts to become more about conflict. By this point most empires have claimed all the territory they can so if they want to expand they need to start taking from people. In a singleplayer/ai game this is usually the time you start to see defensive pacts getting formed, rivalries declared and depending on the mood of the AI you'll start to see wars happening.

Late game is typically just all out war until someone or a Federation (group of empires allied together) takes enough territory to win. You'll also encounter at least one crisis event by this point too (crisis events being events where some powerful faction shows up to basically kill everything) but usually you'll also have encountered a smaller one in the midgame.

Mostly I like it because it's Civ in space but that sells it short and it does it's own stuff too. There is a lot of randomisation from species to events to the map itself. A lot of customisation when making an empire/species. Plus I like to watch space ships go pew pew. Oh and blowing up planets (though that is a DLC).

that's apparently what your mycard is as well

Fun fact. The other day I actually updated my mycard to include all 143 of the event images from the game (previously I was only using 50 of them).

I even made a basic html file showing them all: http://moonraygames.co.uk/stellaris/

These pop up in a message box whenever an event happens. The events can range from basic stuff like "we discovered this star actually burns brighter so we can get more energy from it" to a full blown AI rebellion in your empire (which the game actually asks you if you want to play as the robots or if you want to continue as your empire). There is a lot of variety, some of these are representative of what event they are from others are more vague and used for several events.

2. Isn't yooka-laylee out now? How is that game?

lol you're like over a year late with that question I think. It was a good game. I think my biggest disappointed with is the levels just didn't seem very well designed. Whereas with something like Mario 64 or Banjo Kazooie the levels always felt the right size and full of life (definitely so for BK where literally everything had eyes and talked lol) I felt like Yooka Laylee's levels just weren't quite at the same level, I personally can't explain what I feel is wrong with them but they're just not "good enough" a lot of the time. I am sure others online have explained in detail exactly what is wrong as it was a common complaint. Also not enough levels in total (only like 5 if I recall). They've gotten a lot of feedback on the level design so I'd expect the inevitable sequel to improve on it.

That said it had no major flaws, I really enjoyed it and it had an amazing final boss. In fact all the bosses aside from the first one were really well designed.

I think if you liked the N64 "open world" platformers like Banjo-Kazooie and Mario 64 you would enjoy it. If you hated those kinds of games then you might as well just not bother because it's just more of that with little to no innovation aside from a modern graphics engine (that's not an issue though as it's what we were told it would be).

Personally I am more excited for what they do next. Now that they've established it and hopefully got comfortable making it I'm hoping they will be able to do some more interesting things.

Posted August 9th, 2018 by Moonray

If you've played any of Paradox's other "grand strategy" games then it's kinda like them as well, but Stellaris is definitely the most new player friendly of them. It doesn't have the same levels of complexity to some systems like they do.

For example, this level of insanity is not possible in Stellaris because many of the mechanics are not as complex to allow for it:
(That said I did see someone get a robot refugee to become the psionic chosen one and then go on to become God Emperor and then designate a robot heir in a previous organic only empire, so some silly stuff can still happen in Stellaris).

Edited August 9th, 2018 by Moonray

That sounds really cool and I'll check it out when I get time to play games and things again. Is it multiplayer?

Posted August 11th, 2018 by Xhin
Nature is beautiful

Yes, although just lately multiplayer has had desync issues and I'm not sure if they are fixed or not.

Posted August 11th, 2018 by Moonray
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