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Posted: Posted March 21st by Jet Presto
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Hi. Was curious if folks had much experience with the Monster Hunter franchise, and World in particular. I've been trying to find a good game for my friend(s) and I to play together that's kinda easy to pick up and put down (not that the game itself is easy; just that if we don't play for a while, we don't have to strain too hard to remember where we were - my friend and I usually play Gears of War co-op, which is easy in that it's linear, but trying to remember what happened after not playing for months, well...)

Have you played it? Do you usually play it with friends? You like the games or have any thougts?

Unrelated my friend and I started playing A WAY OUT, which I think is from the studio who did BROTHERS: A TALE OF TWO SONS. It's actually pretty neat! It's maybe more "interesting" than it is "good," but we're liking it so far. It's cool, too, that only one of you needs to buy the game. So I got it for super cheap during a sale, then he downloaded the demo and voila! (Well, once the EA servers decided to let us play. Ugh.)

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Dooku got me into it and it was my first Monster Hunter game. I really liked it.

After he'd tried to get me into Dark Souls 3, which I didn't really enjoy, I was a bit reluctant to try another game that is similar to it but I ended up really enjoying this one. For much of the game it is definitely more forgiving than Dark Souls was, but at the same time the monsters will punish you if you screw up.

I think my main issue was early on where I struggled to find a weapon that I enjoyed. Eventually I settled on the Gunlance and thats when I really got into it. So that's probably something I'd suggest if you don't initially enjoy it, try the other weapons before giving up on it.

I actually tried one of the previous games after playing MHW and just couldn't get into it. As I understand it from reading comments by the "hardcore" fans MHW added a few features to make it easier,m ore accessible or some quality of life improvements and I suspect it's some of these improvements that helped get me into it.

So yea, as someone who doesn't enjoy the extreme over the top difficulty of games like the Dark Souls franchise but really liked the idea, I would say this game was much more my level of a challenge but also not to hard. That and the co-op is easily accessible.

Played it half co-op and half not. So it'll be easy for your friends to just drop in and out of each other's games. The progression is pretty straight forward- kill a monster, turn it's materials into armour and weapons, progress to the next monster. They then slowly trickle in extra features and ideas like monsters being strong/weak with certain elements and upgrade parts for the weapons and armour.

There is a story that helps direct you through a chunk of the game but it's not that interesting and mainly just exists to help direct you through the content. You don't need to remember what's happening or where to go next. The bounty board/mission selector always just shows what your current target is, by also lets you redo targets it for tracking down previous monsters and there's also a free play mode where you just get dropped into a map with a random selection of them spawning and despawning over time.

I believe the game does boost the health of enemies when you're in co-op so that is something to consider, but it's not a scaling thing so the game is "easier" with four people than it is with two. Me and Dooku didn't run into any issues during the time we played co-op where it was just us two, but as I understand it a lot of the late game content where you're hunting the top tier monsters with extra abilities and buffs, you basically need four people I think.

Posted March 21st by Moonray
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Also we played A Way Out at one point and it was sorta fun but we never finished it because something better came out and it just wasn't good enough for us to ever go back to.

I would definitely love to see more games make use of co-op like that.

Posted March 21st by Moonray
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Thanks for the input! I do really enjoy Dark Souls, but I couldn't really tell how similar or different they might be. They look similar in a lot of ways.

You and Dooku wind up beating it?

Posted March 21st by Jet Presto
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I was never able to play the game but my friends had a lot of fun with it. (Excluding the end game content)
I went out of my way to look up vids for the game and it definitely sounds like it would be a nice time waster with friends. I do recall there being a minor issue when it came to solo and co-op though. When someone joins your game, the mobs' health get adjusted to as though you had a full party and would persist even when they drop out and you're all by and lonesome. I am not sure if they adjusted this or not. Haven't looked up MH:W content since a few weeks before Iceborn released.

Posted March 21st by Dark Knowings
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You and Dooku wind up beating it?

Dooku definitely did and has played it through to some extent like twice maybe?

There's basically four stages to the game from my experience (these aren't official terms by any means, just my personal breakdown of the game):

1. Early game where you are learning your weapon, the moster's attack patterns and generally just how to play the game.

2. Mid game where you've established strategies that work for you and all you need to learn is how each new monster is going to behave.

3. Late game where they introduce some more difficult monsters, some of which an show up randomly to interrupt your fights with other monsters. I think some of the earlier monsters encountered in these missions also get some new attacks? It's basically just a harder stage of the game.

4. End game where you essentially need a full team of four to win and the enemies get buffs and new attack patterns. A lot more strategy needs to be employed at this stage. Whereas earlier in the game stunning an enemy was a useful trick, it's a requirement to prevent certain attacks from happening in the end game if you want to survive.

The story runs right through to the end of the late game and so that's where I stopped. Beat the "final" boss and then didn't really play much beyond that. Though getting to that point is a plenty amount of content and so felt well worth the money I'd spent to buy the game.

When someone joins your game, the mobs' health get adjusted to as though you had a full party and would persist even when they drop out and you're all by and lonesome. I am not sure if they adjusted this or not.

Pretty sure that's still how it is. There's a singleplayer health level and a co-op health level and no distinction between how many co-op playes there are. I personally only played with someone I wanted to play it with so didn't have the issue of a co-op partner dropping out.

Posted March 21st by Moonray
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Pretty good summary on Moonray's part.

I had never played a monster hunter game before MHW, so I wasn't sure what to expect going into it. I beat it on PS4 before it came out on PC, and I've put about 350 hours into the PC version so far. Regrettably I haven't spent much time with the new Iceborne expansion yet, but what I have played is great so far. On the whole I'd say MHW is probably one of my favorite games of all time.

It does tend to have rather abrupt difficulty spikes as the game goes on, which usually just means you need to make better armor or upgrade your weapons to proceed. It's a 'grindy' game at its core, where the loop is basically kill monster(s) to upgrade your armor/weapons to kill the new monster. That can be off-putting for some people, but even the more 'casual' friends I have seemed to enjoy the game in co-op.

Generally speaking, even in the endgame you're not required to hunt with other people. I've solo'd most of the monsters at this point, including the 'arch-tempered' (very difficult) variants. There are a couple of monsters that do require four people, but they're not really traditional hunts to start with. They're also not mandatory - you mostly get cosmetic gear from taking them on.

Capcom has also been really great about supporting the game with free content updates past the launch. Entire new monsters, special events, festivals, etc, all for free. They've put way more work into supporting and expanding this game than I'd expect from a developer these days.

You should check it out, especially if you and your friends are looking for a way to pass the time together.

On the subject of the monster's health scaling, in the original game it was very unforgiving if someone dropped out or quit. With Iceborne, I believe both the DLC and the main game were updated to a much better system. Now, with 2 people the monster is scaled for 2 people (instead of 4 previously!). 3-4 people scales normally. If someone quits out / lags out, the monster's health will adjust back down so it doesn't punish the remaining players.

Edited March 21st by Count Dooku
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There are occasionally collaboration events that are worth playing for some of the cosmetics. There have been Final Fantasy events where you get to fight a super hard Behemoth, Mega Man palicos, and The Witcher 3 Ciri and Geralt skins. Not available all year round, but they're nice. On the PSP they had a Metal Gear Solid event too, those were fun, but the controls were painful (literally claw grip because no dual thumb sticks).

PS4 always gets new content first, and PC is always trailing behind for a few months. One thing I wish they had implemented was cross play, I've had friends farm decorations and things on both PC and PS4 separately and that grind is loooong.

Posted March 22nd by LLight
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