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Money is a form of power but what things do you think are more important than money?
Posted: Posted October 4th
Edited October 4th by Confused_Religious_Man

I think health, happiness, life satisfaction, family, good friends and animal welfare are all more important than money.

If you could choose between $20,000 or to be transformed into an extremely big strong attractive man....... what would you choose?

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Probably would take the body type if I get to choose how big.

Posted October 4th by Fox Forever

2D girls

Posted October 4th by Pirate_Ninja

Being disabled is more difficult than being broke imo. Not saying that it’s easy being poor/broke, it’s still hard as hell but being severely disabled is totally unbearable at least from my own personal experience being one, let alone having a terminal illness with a life exptency or less than 36 years and being totally CRIPPLED with it being unable to take care of myself and live on my own/with a wife and have children. I would trade lives with being broke and having to work 15 hours a day to make a living. Especially since accountants make shitloads of money, one of the top five jobs we that we need here in America, not sure about how it’s like in the UK though, I know that europe’s healthcare is overall pretty much shit. Having a healthy body is the most important thing imo, and then living in a safe area from natural disasters and crime, which I am fortunate of since San Diego is america’s finest city, unlike Los Angeles which has the most gangs. Very easy to make friends here in San Diego and perfect weather free from any risks of natural disasters unless we get hit by that earthquake which will kill all of California but it’ll directly hit Los Angeles and San Francisco more because they are along th San Andreas fault line and have sister faults which are much bigger than San Diego and they frequently experience earthquakes, Los Angeles being the most earthquake prone city in the nation. Healthcare>welfare.

Posted October 4th by Weid man

I'd take the $20k because I'm quite happy with my physical wellbeing and I need the money more than anything right now.

Posted October 5th by Black Yoshi

Despite popular belief, money can absolutely buy happiness and life satisfaction. Friends too. Good friends? Not necessarily.

Mariomguy will probably chime in about the rich being able to afford the best healthcare but actual health definitely isn't something you can buy.

All things said, having more money is pretty much always going to be a good thing, though it shouldn't necessarily take priority.

Posted October 5th by Xhin
Fractal icious

Mariomguy is certainly right on this matter xhin, you won’t believe how many people with mf2 who are de Jed insurance because insurance companies are greedy and lazy and don’t want to pay for all of their surgeries which they need to have constantly. It’s not that hard to learn math and finance to be an insurance care provider, math is much easier to learn than English is imo. Insurance companies don’t need much income, they should take accounting courses and learn how to spread the healthcare around. Insurance care providers should learn how to read numbers/stats, not hard to understand how to manage patients premiums that they pay. The vast majeoory of patients with nf2ers are on Medicaid because 1) they’re poor 2) insurance companies are stingy and cowards who don’t want to give them healthcare coverage for all of the surgeries that they need to have throughout their lives. Accounting and finance isn’t hard to learn at all imo. If my parents were poor then i’d be dead atm because I’m terminally ill and need to live on nurse are and chemotherapy and have multiple surgeries which is $$$$$$&&.

Y’all can come to my area and we can give you the money and friends you need. I bet you have wonderful friends from gametalk already. And i’m sure that there’s someone out there on the internet who could help you with your pensions if you find the right person/people who have any surplus wealth to burn or at least can afford to donate. It’s very hard to find so you just need to keep searching for friends who you social network with online and the friends who you talk to irl. And like xhin said health definitely isn’t something that you can buy. My parents have over $1 million but i’m still basically living in a wheelchair and there are many people with my condition wil have it even worse than me and are dying from it/blind/muscular atrophy etc. Someone
who I happened to meet 14 years ago with nf2 happened to suddenly suffer from pnemonia within the past week and couldn’t stop it so she is now having surgery to have what I had done which is have a permanent feeding tube connected to her stomach and have a laryngectomy procedure to remove her vocal cords so the doctors can separate her airway from her esophagus so that she won’t aspirate anymore and even then I bet she may still be very nauseous like I constantly am and am right now even. And i’m not just speaking on behalf of people who have/had nf2, I am speaking to all of those who have terminal illnesses and related disorders. I have witnessed from people on gametalo who said that someone in their family/friends died because of a sudden tragedy with their health and they weten’t quite old when it happened (two mods passed away and xhin probably has more details about this than I do since he is vastly connected with gametalk’s past and present staff members). I happened to date Chaolin from gametalk and her mom passed away 11 years ago because of a sudden pathogen to her liver and the doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong with her, so she suffered and died from it. Don’t take your health nor wealth for granted. And my doctors are super educated too but there still is no definite cure for my case. For some things there is absolutely no cure for, not even infinity $. Castrael said that she happened to meet someone at a store who is attached to a battery which is helping him stay alive, which is basically the same thing that i’m dealing with right now.

Posted October 5th by Weid man

Social capital is imo often more important than money. Social capital gives you not only companionship, community, influence and a sense of self, but it can often lead to actual capital in some ways. That's why networking is so important.

Edited October 5th by Jahoy Hoy

Time is far more important

Posted October 5th by S.O.H.

Agreed with jahoy hoy. Eagle even made a post here two years ago that his best lt friends are those who have been a part of a small gametalk clan that jahoy hoy and I have been a pet of for the past decade now, and said that if it weren’t for those friends who he’s made there then he would have committed suicide by now because of his real social life problems that he’s had to deal with and contitinues to deal with to this day. And even I think I wlouls have committed suicide by now if I hadn’t found gametalk to social network with but not because of real social life problems but for physical and psychological ones being able to do absolutely nothing basically except social network here (and Facebook) and playing video games that I learn from everyon here. I am grateful for finding this community back in 2003 and have made many friends on here/the old gametalk and continue to do so. Otherwise I would be the Grateful Dead.

BORROWED TIME is far more important SOH. Jahoy hoy please tell SOH and everyone the social cue of why I say the phrase “borrowed time” since you’ve got my number really well now.

Posted October 5th by Weid man

Like; my birthday is tomorrow and I asked my mom to buy me super mario party for it plus two joycon nteollers. BUT my only good eye’s cornea got scratched because the facial nerve got damaged last decade from a tumor that grew inside plus PKUS one that grew on the triginanl nerve, which control the ability to blink and have sensation around the side of the face respectively, and blinking is necessary in order to keep the eye lubricated so that it doesn’t dry out and result in foggy vision which is what I have right now in it (both nerves are flat out paralyzed from the past surgeries needed). Once the nerves get damaged/paralyzed it’s game over, so now I can’t see and I have to have antibiotics placed in every ten minutes during the day now and tape my eye shut completely at night because I can’t move the eyelid on it’s own and barely at all even with the help of a gold weight. I have an appointment with my cornea specialist on Tuesday to figure out what exactly is going wrong with my eye and how to repair this foggy vision so that I can see clearly again (he happened to buy the switch too on a side note but his wife recently sold it because his kids were too addicted to playing games on it and not focusing on school/life, which is a major bummer). I know many people who have my condition who can’t open their eyes AT ALL because their entire side of the face is fucked up and the muscles aren’t working and the facial nerve is gone. Not only do I have this and being stuck on a feeding tube but I also drool constantly because I can’t move my tongue out nor can I bite off my fingernails because I can’t my tongue out as needed to bite off the nails which keep regrowing and there is no way to stop them from
regrowing and my mom has to very carefully trim the nails off like once or twice a week and even with that I think that I smashed my right thumb by texting a little too hard and that my tops skin shrunk because of that so I think that I lost partial skin on my right thumb.

I already known what I want and can afford to get for Christmas. Smash switch plus eight new fresh GameCube controllers because my regular GameCube controllers are 15 years old and don’t function as well as they used to do I need fresh new ones and also the fact there’s an l2 button for them BUT I can’t move my middle finger they well because a tumor grew on the hinges of my index and middle fingers and the operation wasn’t as precise and the finger is much more fragile than the general brain and spine are because the nerves are smaller and super intertwind. My hand doctor had to take FIVE HOURS to try and safely remove this tumor and regrant a new nerve on it but it wasn’r As successful as it was on the other side which had to be removed prior and you know that smash bros is a physical sport game but now I can’t ply as well because my fingers are partly broken (mostly broken for the right middle finger which controls the r2 button).

And from past surgeries and taking strong painkillers I am totally deaf now and can’t listen to the 1,00 smash bros songs that are gonna be in the game via iPod/iTunes. The only way I am able to communicate with people is by using sign language (whichonly my parents and only some friebda know since I started taking courses with them when I was 11 which is when I got first became diagnosed with nf2 and started losing hearing and knew I would go dead sometime in the near future) and the only way I am able to communicate with my nurses and friends who do not know sign language is by texting on my iphone on an open email page.

Money is not a cure for damaged nerves and I am very fortunate to have to get great healthcare insurance otherwise i’d be dead by now with the thousands of patients are already because I have a severe case of this. But even that isn’t a definite cure for my case and I only have a life exptency of less than ten years remaining. We try raising funds and donating for this cause but this is as impassible to find a cure for just like it is for cancer. Money isn’t an instant cure for everyone’s health problems.

Be grateful that you have 100% or near 100% health. If you find the right people online (and real life like at work), they may be able to donate money to you even though that is largely unrealistic. All of those people who have nf2 and are poor are SCREWED and you would be too if you had it. Your health is keeping you alive and strong. I doubt any of you guys have any disabilities, at least physically speaking. My cases of asperger’s and adhd/ocd don’t need to find a cure for but it is sure as hell very hard for me to socialize and be able to carry a conversation outside of gametalk about anything outside of gaming/sports and even in here a lot of the time too.

Posted October 7th by Weid man

OK, yeah, I'll chime in here. I wish I had the ability to eat something without having to worry about what it will do to me. That sounds like a superpower, not a normal trait. Normal to me is giving myself a shot in the morning, scheduling the times I eat sugar, making sure I don't have to be in some place without access to food or insulin for too long, taking another shot, and praying the food from the restaurant doesn't screw me up, or else I'd need to take another shot.

Health is extremely important to the people who suffer from it. One of the biggest higher-ups in my company (the head man, in fact) is a Type Two Diabetic. He was shocked at how crazy high insulin prices were, and this is someone who has money. No matter how much money you have, it can't buy you your health: if you have enough it can certainly help or make it easier and remove the financial stressor, but it can't give you superpowers you don't have, like the ability to eat freely if you're Diabetic.

#0 - Basic needs (food, water, shelter) - You'd die without these things
#1 - Health (mental, emotional, physical) - Your life will be very painful and difficult without these things
#2 - Friends/Family/Love, A healthy social circle - You need purpose and self-worth to lead a life worth living. This is easiest when you have others who love and support you.
#3 - Capacity - Being able to actually achieve your dreams and goals in life is very important. Under this umbrella falls education, finances, and a lack of everything that would otherwise limit your ability to pursue your endeavors.

If you have all of the above, you can achieve astounding actualization, and it does not require money per se. If you are happy, healthy, have a loving family, awesome friends, enough money to play video games, eat out, and travel every now and then, and you work at a job doing something you love, maybe even have a girlfriend and a family of your own, what is more money really going to do for you? People need money for the basic things. Everything beyond that is excess, unless your ambitions involve insane enterprise.

Posted October 7th by mariomguy

Well said mariomguy. He knows what if’s like being disabled, especially being crippled and terminally ill as I am, unable to hear, talk, and eat orally for the rest of my life because of my health condition getting worse over the years. It cancels out the effect that my parents are extremely wealthy. Basically I am not able to do anything today but just live in a crib since my fingers are broken to the point that it makes it hard to play video games but somehow I am going to try and fix that by doing whatever can restore damage done to the fingers nerves if it can be, which to this extend is largely impossible.

I miss my life. I miss being able to travel to places across the nation and the world. Right now I am fighting hard to stay healthy so that I can take just a one day trip to Arizona to attend night gazer’s wedding which she invited me to attend in flagstaff which is next to the Grand Canyon 7,000 feet in elevation which means it will make it extremely hard to breathe and I have to wear an oxygen mask every night to sleep because I don’t take big enough breaths when I sleep since my airwsy is very small. So judging by the extent I probably won’t be able to make it nor may I be able to attend chaolin’s wedding which is in Los angels but I think I definitely will be able to make it to her’s since it’s only two hours north from where I live and I have been to Los Angels a few times in the past few years but that’s the furthest I can travel without getting fatigued.

I miss my days of being able to eat chicken wings and being able to go skiing and swimming and drinking vodka without getting super nauseous lie I do now. The only thing that I have hopeful right now is smonkng pot. I miss being able to talk on Skype with the clan that I used to be a part of, making impressions of people by acting out, and most importantly I miss being able to listen to rock music and dance hard to it. I have not been able to hear for five years now so I don’t know how sm4sh music sounds like. There will be over 900 songs in this next smash bros game but I won’t be able to dance with you guys nor play guitar hero/rock band/real guitar which I used to be able to do. I miss my body, miss the purpose of my life. Like eagle said in his post, I am basically living in a pit and an inherently evil against change and not wanting to talk to certain people about certain things because I won’t feel the joy that I used to have with them going on vacations with them and doing a lot of cool things here in San Diego and Southern California such as going to Disneyland. It’s not for the same reasons as to why u’m Depressed as eagle is (mine being 100%% physically and mostly psychologically broke while his being financially and socially broke neither of them being better than the other it’s both total shit and there’s no cure for these lossesas of now). I have been talking to a psychologist and psychiatrist about my problems but it’s not making me feel any better. I have so many friends and money and live in a very safe and comfortable area in all of America and possibly the world but I still often feel sick and nauseous and get heat flashes even though it’s not hot at all outside and i am always in chronic pain and drool all over the place at times. This isn’t the type of person I asback in 2011 when I was playing monopoly with doctor doom and Brocken jr and kagome15 online and on Msn 24/7 with all of those epic chat rooms. There’s nothing I can really talk about outside of gtx0. There’s. I thing I can do at all in life, having to be tranppsrted in a wheelchair whenever I go to public places. And for fucks sake, I even went to a smash bros tournament here at UCSD at the beginning of 2012 before I had that C spine surgery six years ago which made my health crash. I was playing a lot of brawl back in 2008-2012 when I had all of my body working and even did karate from 2004-2012 which I miss greatly also. I have played sm4sh very little and I don’t know if I will be strong enough to play smash switch when it comes out at Christmas time. I’ve been wanting to play all the games that you’re all playing and can afford them all, but am too weak to get up and fix myself and go play. I’m honestly ready to die, o won’t attempt suicide but am just hoping that I will peacefully die in my sleep one day and hope to make it to heaven.

I have no health (physically and mentally too because of my extreme cases of asperger’s and adhd), unable to cope when hardship strikes. And soon I will in fact die. Back in 2013 I was referred to hospice THREE TIMES because I was aspirating and always getting pneumonia because I didn’t have a trachea at that time and I was and still am in great pain. Within the last month I have lost five pounds and now an extra emely thin, weighing only 104 pounds. When I was aspirating and getting penonunnia my body kept rejecting the feed so I had to eat as least as possible and went down down 88 pounds. Fortunately I was able to have the laryngectomy procedure to separate my airway from my esophagus so that I could prevent my stoma from aspirating and also finally being able to drink again which I still am and will be until I die. But even then that didn’t solve the problem, because a few months later I went to my neurosurgeon to review the mri results which showed that the tumors were growing all over my brain and spine and was told that I only have a few months left to live, and was referred to hospice yet again, but my parents love me so much and want to fight as hard as they can to keep me alive so we chose nursecare 24/7 which consists of nurses coming to my house to take care of me 24/7 while my parents do their duties, because I am terminally ill and need to be supervised 24/7. We also signed me up to become a candidate for chemotherapy which consists of a new drug called avastin which is a new drug that may end up being a cure for nf2 one day because it kills tumor cells for some people and fortunately it is working out for me. But still not being able to do anything but text makes me question why am I here and just want my life to end peacefully and hope to enter the afterlife on the other side of there is one which I believe there is.

DON’T take your health for granted. In the worst cases it could make you have to live in a hospital or even worse DIE which I almost did multiple times and it is a miracle that I survived all of this shit but still have to continue fighting this shit because there is absolutely no cure at all. You won’t die if you are broke unless you are homeless and have to live in shelters like sussouros has to do. There are plenty of continues that you all can attempt when trying to beat the hard levels in life but when it is game over for me it means gamer over period. There are plenty of ways getting around being broke it’s just super hard to find but it is out there. I have one friend who is super broke and had to work and go to school 24/7 and has absolutely no time to play or buy any video games except for maybe a few days during the course of the year. (he’s that RE freak, roleplauing as Chris redfield). That totally is a pain in the aaa yes, but at least you have a foreseeable future and can dig yourselves out of the shit mess that you’re in. It’s hard as hell but ut’s not impossible unlike many terminal illnesses and related disorders.

I am not trolling when I am explaining what health problems I have to encounter in life. The average lifespan for these patients is 36 years. Fox forever can testify for my claims here since he has met me like ten times already since I try to play smash when he here with everyone plus he helps me beat some of the levels for me that I can’t beat for certain video games and etc. I just really hope that there is a heaven like many say there is and I want to be saved and live in paradise on the other side of the universe when I die which may be very soon.

Edited October 8th by Weid man

Well I mean sussourous is at risk now. I really hope that he finds a home sometime soon and if possible he could come down and live with me because we have an extra room since my sister moved out after she got married two years ago and is living with her husband somewhere within San Diego county. I’m really worried about him since he is homeless and basically had to live in a pit right now. He wohldn’t need to do anything if he come lived here with me. He’d be well protected. Someone needs to help him find a home ASAP and an available job which he can’t find any atm. We are overpopulating the world today like China is doing and thaf’s Why so many people are poor and jobless. The government can’t help half a billion people who live here in the USA. The best toes of jobs to get are in the math and science fields but unfortunately nearly everyone here likes to do English and history related jobs. Those types of jobs pay you the most money (math and science) because it is higher on demand.

Posted October 8th by Weid man
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