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Misty AVOIDING water in one episode?
Posted: Posted May 15th, 2017 by Aqua Flame

I'm a big fan of female characters of fire or water element (I don't know why), Misty being an example of the latter as a Water Pokemon trainer and a water lover, but what really irks me is how Misty deliberately AVOIDS water in Holiday Hi-Jynx, and is singled out for it.

If she wants to get out of the rain as much as Ash and Brock do, as is the case in many episodes, I can accept that (even though you'd think she'd like the rain as long as there's no lightning). However, on the raft, Misty is using Jynx's hair as an umbrella but Ash and Brock aren't. Why does she mind the rain where Ash and Brock don't?

Even if she just didn't want to get wet (which I'd think is atypical of water lovers), what about that time where Ash and Brock are pushing the raft into the water (which is shallow at that point) and Misty is standing on the raft? Not only is she not helping Ash and Brock but she's adding her own weight to it! She doesn't even want to step into shallow water?

A similar thing to the raft thing happens with Golem in one episode of Monster Rancher, except Golem hates water (being a rock creature). Misty's supposed to love the water so why doesn't she even want to touch it this episode?

Thank goodness that episode doesn't fit into canon. Same with Snow Way Out, which is too dark and miserable for my taste.

Maybe I'm thinking too much into it, but I find it kind of annoying finding characters of fire or water element not being associated with said element much. It's one thing to simply not do it at times, it's another to deliberately avoid it! Compare another episode where Ash and Brock fall into a hot spring, and Misty doesn't, nor does she join them despite them asking her to. And it was written by the same guy too, though he has sometimes had her go for a swim

(She has a fire counterpart too - a dragon in an obscure cartoon. Her name is Princess Flame, and I think she's really cool, and she's a formidable warrior princess, but she never breathes fire (despite her name), except once, where she blows a small flame during sewing. (At least Misty goes for many swims, and engages in two underwater Pokemon battles, Flame is only ever associated with fire once) There's a point where her lover, Flicker, breathes fire at a chain to lower the drawbridge in an apparently time-sensitive situation, why didn't she contribute to it? She had just demonstrated her exceptional strength that episode)

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being a pain in the ass is kinda Misty's thing tho :J

Posted May 15th, 2017 by Pirate_Ninja

She probably didnt wanna get in the bath with two boys.

Posted May 16th, 2017 by Dr.Dre

I didn't read the responses yet coz I know what they must say...

Pokemon isn't known for being consistent all the time. Meowth is more on and off than her when it comes to loving or hating water, and there was even a time Onix and Geodude weren't weakened by it, plus there is also a time where Dragonair's rainstorm that put out a forest fire didn't put out Charizard and Charla's tail flames. (Good thing too coz I really like Charizard, who said I don't like some male characters of fire element too?)

If anything I should be making a bigger deal about Ash still being 10 when he should be 27 by now, or them not seeing through some of Team Rocket's paper-thin disguises.

Posted July 5th, 2017 by Aqua Flame

Read the answers now, seems I predicted wrong what they said

@Pirate_Ninja: Lol

@Dr. Dre: Probably explains that count at least.

I wonder, would she have gone for a swim with Ash, Sammy, and Celebi if her knee hadn't been twisted? (Celebi didn't heal her until AFTER the swim, and the twisted knee had nothing to contribute to the plot, I wonder if that was just an excuse by the writers to have her miss out on the swim. In their defense, maybe it was to focus on Ash and Sammy's friendship, rather than to separate her from her element, besides, she does dip her feet in the water)

Now, Just Add Water, there she says she's always dreamed of an underwater Pokemon battle, and she engages in such a battle that is an unforgettable experience for her. That's the Misty I know and love! (Too bad about Flame though... well, at least Charizard keeps coming back! They couldn't get rid of him for long... but they did get rid of Misty forever, which is part of the reason why people stopped watching after Johto. She did have some cameos in Advanced Generation, but never returned after)

Ironic, a fire and water character are that popular and leave. The fire one bounces back and is even playable in a game.

Posted July 6th, 2017 by Aqua Flame

Oh, and I just reached an episode where she displays her usual love for Water Pokemon more than ever, and I looked up who wrote it. Atsuhiro Tomioka, who, in addition to writing many similar episode that depict her exactly as she should be (Just Add Water surprisingly being written by someone else), he also wrote:

-The episode where Charmeleon starts to disobey Ash, AND the episode where he - as Charizard - starts to obey Ash again, thus beginning and closing that long arc

-Both episodes where Ash battles Drake. Thus, the only episode where Ash wins a Pokemon League

-Charizard's return episodes in Season 5 (both where he's shadowed, and when his identity is confirmed)

Oh yeah, he also wrote the episode where Misty makes such a big speech about how much she loves Water Pokemon that BROCK pulls HER away by the ear.

He seems to like Misty and Charizard, just like me. Well, not Charizard at first since he kicked off the whole "Charizard doesn't listen to Ash" arc, but I guess he warmed up to him. (See what I did there?)

Posted July 6th, 2017 by Aqua Flame
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