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Miss Wales National Beauty Pageant (For unmarried women ages 16 to 26)
Posted: Posted May 24th
Edited May 27th by Welsh_Gamer
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Have any of you heard of the Miss Wales national beauty pageant?

Miss Wales is open to unmarried women from age 16 to age 26, and is organized by Vibe Models. Contestants must not have had children, must be British citizens and must reside in Wales.

Why do they only let women ages 16 to 26 years old enter the competition? Why don't they let 50 year old women join it too?
What's your opinion about last year's Miss Wales Finalists?
Also which woman would you vote for to win Miss Wales 2020? They include a range of young women working full time and some of them are athletes.

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Vanessa seems pretty nice.

Posted May 25th by Axem Great Water
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