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World events, politics and whatever (especially whatever)
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09/11/2001 WE REMEMBER

"Fear is the foundation of most governments." - John Adams

"My family is more important than my party." - Zell Miller

sorry, i'm on mobile and can't copy and paste the article easily, but here it is:
jesus christ. we don't know the motive of the shooter yet, but milo might have the blood of five people on his hands. of course he's blaming the journalists who reported on his attention-grabbing comments because he's so vain and stupid to realize that journalists report on your responses when they reach out to you for comments on news stories. who knew?

couldn't help but lol at this though:

P.S. — You guys should decide whether you think I’m “disgraced, irrelevant and over” or “so dangerous I inspire mass shootings." I can't be both."

irrelevant has-beens can still have dedicated fans, milo. just look at ted nugent.

prickly, punk rock prince of the proletariat
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Are journalists people tho?

Posted June 28th by #85

Are journalists people tho?

Did you ask that seriously?

Posted June 28th by Fox Forever
Fox Forever

yes journalist are people, republicans aren’t though

Posted June 28th by Brandy

85 and Brandy. The perfect examples of what both sides have become.

Hello darkness my old friend.

Posted June 28th by S.O.H.

Lets not forget Trump referring to the press as the enemy.

Posted June 28th by Psygnosis

His criticisms of the press are not unwarranted. The shit the leftist and rightest media have done to twist a narrative is beyond appalling.

Posted June 28th by S.O.H.

Lets not forget Trump referring to the press as the enemy.

No lie detected.

Posted June 28th by #85

update: it sounds like it was some dipshit with a grudge and nothing to do with milo btw. the timing is still gross though

Posted June 28th by poptart!

The title of the article is misleading. He didn't make a "call for shooting journalists", even as a joke. The comments were private and clearly not literal. Specifically, he allegedly sent this message to two people, and the intent of doing so is pretty obvious and exactly as he claims: as an insult to them. If he'd made these comments publicly and to an audience that would be one thing, to the extent that we could discuss whether or not his statements bear any relationship to violence that has taken place. It would still be wild speculation and nothing short of irresponsible, but at least there is an order of operations here that fits within the realm of the possible. This, however, is nothing of the sort. His private insult (obvious to anyone that isn't a selective autist) was only made public by journalists looking to score a petty smear through misinterpretation, and regardless of any of this the shooting in question clearly has no relationship to any of the above. To suggest otherwise, on any level, is dishonest.

The narrative here is so bizarre that I had to read the article twice in order to understand just how disconnected the headline is from the contents of the piece itself.

Edited June 29th by Famov

are you dumb enough to say anything that you don't want reported on to a journalist, famov? no, milo wasn't "calling" for murder, but still ridiculously irresponsible.

i'll admit that i did the thing i always trash other people for doing and jumped to conclusions tho

Posted June 28th by poptart!

Milo has a lot of serious personality problems.

He's a great representation of trolls everywhere.

At this point, it's his own fault for choosing to live in the negative attention of his trollees.

Posted June 28th by Agis

I'm going to.have to agree with Milo here. I forgot he even existed until I came across this post.

Posted June 29th by Dr. Doom
Dr. Doom

I still dislike Milo less than I dislike Ben Shapiro

Posted June 29th by pacman

Pop you joke about murdering people you disagree with all the time.

People do. It's fairly obvious when it's not to be taken seriously.

Why is this even a discussion?

Posted June 30th by Smiling Apple
Smiling Apple

dude, say "nazis" not "people i disagree with" - that makes me look like a maniac!

i also don't have a rabid following of incels, and i don't say those things to journalists. make this argument once i'm a political figure please

Posted June 30th by poptart!

Wait, Milo - gay, flamboyant Milo, King of Black Dick - is now an incel guru? Fucking lol. Is that really a thing?

Posted June 30th by pacman

lmao no i just think there's a ton of overlap between incels and the alt right

Posted June 30th by poptart!
Reply to: Milo Yiannopoulos: My call for shooting journalists was just a 'troll''

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