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Metal music is 50 years old.
Posted: Posted February 14th by 9x19
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Black Sabbath's first album was released fifty years ago on 13 February 1970, marking the simultaneous advent of the heavy, evil subgenre of rock known as metal and also of the particular style of metal that would become known as doom metal.

I'm glad that Ozzy is still alive to see the massive flourishing of a style that he helped create. It would have been nice if Lemmy had made it this far as well, but he had a good run anyway.

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Happy Belated birthday, heavy metal.

Ozzy has one foot in the grave unfortunately. I was supposed to go see him and Megadeth last year but they cancelled the whole tour because Ozzy fell down at home and needed emergency medical treatment. They said he'd be up and running by 2020 but he is still in no condition to tour.

Dave Mustaine also just had a successful fight against throat cancer, but he looks like he is wearing down as well. These guys used to serve as symbols of youthful rebellion, it's kind of sad to see time take its toll on them.

Posted March 3rd by Dr. Doom
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Metal music lived longer than Kobe. Terrible!

Posted March 22nd by And the band played on
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