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Medical Clearance for Guatemala has been granted.
Posted: Posted June 20th
Edited June 20th by S.O.H.
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Good morning everyone. After a very long wait, my Medical Clearance for the Peace Corp has been granted.

All my clearances (Medical, Dental, Legal Background) have cleared and it is my understanding I am pretty much good to go. There are some tasks I still have to do on the educational/administrative side of things. (Educational courses, resume and personal statement updates etc) And of course I need to tie up loose ends here regarding packing, taxes, my savings, power of attorney and leaving my job.

But it appears (pending a disaster) that I am good to go. I will have my staging September 16th and I am going to Assume it will be in Washington D.C. (not entirely sure)

Per my PC LOG: I Depart to Guatemala for 3 months of training September 17th 2019. and RETURN: November 22, 2021 from my service site.

My activity on this site will drop significantly but I will try to provide updates every few weeks/ months if possible.

I am excited and scared but I am looking forward to this adventure of a life time. (tbh it wont fully hit me until I land in the country because I am expecting things not to work out last minute D:)

In other news I got accepted into the Master of Arts in History Program at the Alma Mater I work at. Being an employee of the University my grad school is paid for. Ive been given more responsibilities for my position and I have been assigned the bay area for my travel season this fall.... pending that I dont leave I have a good fallback here.

I will be planning how to approach my director about leaving (I plan to leave my job August 9th) and getting various PC tasks done along with spending time with family and friends. I will also be trying to improve my Spanish.

This is all surreal to me. I dont know anyone in real life who has done this so I am going in with 0 expectations. Until then it is time to buckle down at work and keep my head low.

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I can remember several years back you were considering being a Combat Medic or a Forest Fire Firefighter.

You've come a long way young man. I'm proud of you.

Edited June 20th by chiefsonny
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Thank you Chief! it really means a lot especially coming from you! T_T Im trying not to tear up at work.

you were considering being a Combat Medic or a Forest Fire Firefighter.

I am very happy that I did not pursue the former. There is no need for me to. (If there was I would sign up in a heartbeat) As for the latter I am interested in Wild land firefighting. Depending on where I am in a few years I might pursue it for a year or two. Props to the men and women who are able to do that for a life time.

Posted June 20th by S.O.H.
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Wow! This is truly incredible! I hope you have the time of your life!

Posted June 21st by mariomguy
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Congrats :)

I didn't quite understand what you were saying about school/work, but you could ask (very politely, explaining why) if you could defer the Master's program a year (or 6 months or however long) or defer your job etc.

Posted June 21st by Ophelia
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thanks guys!

Eh Im not too worried about the grad school program persay. It is not that terribly difficult to get into my Alma Maters program (3.25 GPA+ no GRE, no letter of rec if you graduated from the school) (the requirements are higher for non graduates though)

for work I am going to ask for a leave of absence.

Edited June 21st by S.O.H.
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Looks like I was wrong. My Staging will be in Miami.... This will be my first time in Florida. Heh.

Posted June 21st by S.O.H.
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I spoke to my former supervisor and she is extremely excited about my decision to do the Peace Corps. She recommended I put my two weeks notice in July 12th with my Director. Initially I was planning to have my last day be August 9th. However, I quickly realized that I may kick myself later on if I dont give myself ample time to prepare and spend time with family and friends.

I am planning my last day to be July 31st.

I will fall a short of my one year anniversary but that is fine lol.

Posted June 26th by S.O.H.
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You're coming to Florida? Holy crap! Miami is WAY down south from where I live. But it's like, a 4-5-hour drive.

Posted June 28th by mariomguy
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Nice I will only be there for one day/night though.

Posted June 28th by S.O.H.
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I talked to my director and my staff/colleagues today.

My director encouraged me to take the opportunity Ive been given and my colleagues are very happy for me. My director asked if I could stay on till August 9th for I can cover walk ins while my colleagues are at their professional development conference.

I agreed. It was my initial plan to do that so I am happy that it worked out lol.

I have to talk to one more colleague of mine on monday but over all I am super happy that every one else is encouraging me to do it.

Posted July 12th by S.O.H.
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