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Man dies after switching to cheaper insulin to save for wedding
Posted: Posted August 11th by Post-Wall Olga
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Don't be that guy.

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Posted August 11th by S.o h.
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S.o h.

NoBoDy DiEs BeCaUsE tHeY dOnT hAvE aCcEsS tO hEaLtH cArE

Really he has no one to blame but himself. A good patriotic American would be happy to overpay for lifesaving drugs in order to subsidize the development of new treatments. And once those new treatments are developed, that same American should be happy to overpay for them to fund the next development.

Posted August 11th by Count Dooku
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I pay 400 dollars a month for medications

Posted August 11th by Brandy
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I'm already paying for Medicare

and I dont even get to use it. Fuck me right.

Posted August 11th by S.o.h.
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