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Making GTX0 better, faster, soon
Posted: Posted January 31st by Xhin
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I'm getting pretty close to the end of my IRL "work towards getting a job" projects. Those are still going to take priority over any of the projects here.

That said, this merge has taught me a lot about how to push improvements out with a minimum of headache and frustration, so that's the direction I want to go in this year. GTX0 will never be perfect (and it'll always be kinda buggy) but there's a lot of good stuff here that just needs to be fixed up a bit (not too much!).

Here's what that looks like:

  • The rolling continuous list of bugfixes, small improvements, cleaning. This will always be a thing. Should be happening even while I have other priorities (since I take breaks from them anyway)

  • I want to hack together an improved NIFE interface for "Living Worlds", as well as some way of aggregating and integrating them into GTX0. The people from the CWBB should *really really* like this, as would probably a couple other communities I frequent.

  • I want to hack together a second NIFE interface that's faster and more community-centric. This should be a lot closer to the adventure game we used to play here. Then I'll come up with a few scenarios (probably based on old adventure games) and start spamming a few places to get writers to run and play them.

  • The scratchpad feature, or some prototype of it. I could start appealing to small blogs on useful topics for "absorption" as well.

  • The Quirks engine is basically done and it's a damn shame we haven't been able to use it. I'll make it more user-friendly and start integrating it better. I also want to import some of its syntax into the GTX0 parser (for threads / articles) because it's pretty sleek and looks good.

  • Transition the stream feature to the concept of "channels". I might want to rebuild it as well; the scripts are kinda hard to work with atm. Advertising to actual streamers is pointless until our userbase gets bigger, but the other components of the channels feature are *always* going to be advertisable.

  • I'm going to make a foray into old mostly dead proboards video game communities. I'll hit maybe 30-40, see if there are any takers for merging with GTX0.

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