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Has anyone heard from Helius? It's almost been a week now since the night round started...

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Yeah I've been waiting and wondering. I thought something was supposed to happen by Sunday.

Posted February 7th by Fox Forever

I've been wondering too. I'll reach out to him on FB.

Posted February 7th by Xhin

He says he got the flu-thing that's been affecting damn near everyone in the continental united states right now (seriously I know like 5 people myself that got it)

Posted February 7th by Xhin

Still can't log in to my account.

Posted February 8th by Agis

Agis: I smuggled you into your account. You should be logged in now. Go here to reset your password:

Posted February 8th by Xhin

Could you do that one more time? I'm logged back out.

Posted February 8th by Agis

Was wondering the same thing myself.

Posted February 8th by Bubba

The flu is no joke. Hope he recovers quickly.

Posted February 8th by Vandy

If he's sick, no problem. I'll wait.

Posted February 8th by Fox Forever

Agis: Fixed again. If there's a bigger problem (like IP address fluctuating wildly), I'll see about getting you on the same system as nullfather.

I should be here from now until like 8+ hours from now, so.

Posted February 8th by Xhin

RIP Helius.

Posted February 17th by Bubba
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