Live action series based on The Witcher coming to Netflix!
Posted: Posted July 21st
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Henry Cavil is Geralt. Hmm

Here is a teaser trailer


edit: geesus, are youtubelinks fucked here?

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While the trailer promises a show that will be suitably "epic" I am sincerely hoping that they will know when to slow things down the way they do in both the games and the books. The Witcher is at its best when Geralt is solving the problems of random people in the countryside, or when he's debating philosophy or politics with someone just as strange as himself. If there isn't a scene where he's drinking with his buddies then I feel like something important (at least with how I've identified with the characters) will have been lost. I played through the first game at low graphical settings and sub-30 FPS for a reason, and it wasn't for the main plot. It's the little details that really make that game work.

The Witcher is not A Song of Ice and Fire, and hopefully the show will not lose its identity in attempting to emulate Game of Thrones, even when the latter was still good.

Posted July 21st by Famov
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