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We're gonna need a bigger boat.
Leslie "Lesdogg" Jones pissed about New Ghostbusters
Posted: Posted January 21st by Jacoby Johnson
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Kind of blames it on Trump and men in general. What do you think? Why does this woman get so much attention? She was thr host of that stupid New Year festival.
But she could be right. Maybe it is sexist. I can kinda see how it is.

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It wasn't set in the same universe as the first two ghostbusters.

Posted January 21st by Fox Forever
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But it was made so shortly after the reboot, and it's all about cateting to the Ghostbros smh

Posted January 21st by Jacoby Johnson-Tzinsky
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It's been almost 3 years since the last one and by the time it's finished it will probably be 4 or 5. Ivan's son probably saw how much people wanted the third one after all these years and he decided to make it. People loved the Ghostbusters game when it reunited everyone back in 2009. I just fail to see the connection to Trump in this move, it's kind of stupid in this outrage and callout culture we have going on here. Everyone is desperate to have controversy, start it, or spread it.

Posted January 21st by Fox Forever
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Yeah she's a bitch

Posted January 21st by Jacoby Jacobson
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Well, during the backlash to the 2016 version, it was hard to separate the misogyny from the bulk of it. People very specifically got pissed that they decided to cast women, more than they were pissed that the film didn't take place in the "same universe." And there was a concerted campaign - like with GamerGate, like with ComicsGate - to harass women and men who supported them. It's kind of like how Star Wars fans literally chased women off social media with their harassment just because they didn't like their existence in the movie.

I'm personally of the opinion that Ghostbusters might be the dumbest things loser nerd boys get obsessed about. I looooved the original. I even enjoyed the sequel more than many. And I had a good time with the 2016 version, too. But *at worst,* they make a film I might not like. Big, fucking, deal. People were talking about the 2016 version the way they talked about the Star Wars prequels, as if somehow they can't watch the original Ghostbusters if they don't like the new one.

I can understand Leslie Jones's feelings on the matter. She, in particular, was subjected to a *lot* of racial and sexist hostility during that time period from "fans" who used their fandom to excuse their shitty, toxic behavior. So to see Sony push forward with a film that - so far - sounds a lot like what those assholes were saying they wanted, I can understand that it feels like a slap in the face (like, for real - not like "casting women" feels like a "slap in the face" to misogynistic nerds). The Trump comment, well, it's just sort of hard to disconnect the rise of Trump with the rise of open bigotry. He didn't cause it, though he certainly inspires more, but he is sort of the face of it.

But, glossing over the misogyny and racism as it pertains to Jones, to make it seem like *she* is making a bigger deal than those toxic "fans," to just dismiss her and call her a bitch...sort of highlights the point.

For my money, continuity and Ghostbsuters is never going to *actually* work. People might have loved when they got the original cast together for the game, but only Dan Aykroyd was worth a damn (because he was the only one interested). I'm not sure what exactly people loved about seeing Bill Murray phone in a performance. I don't really know why people are interested in seeing geriatric Ghostbusters. The only characters worth bringing back are Ray (because he's the only one truly interested) and Janine (because Annie Potts is great).

Posted January 21st by Jet Presto
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Ghostbusters 2016 also sucked ass, so that doesn't help either.

Posted January 21st by nullfather
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Yeah she's a bitch

Well fuck, that went in the complete other direction. I'm not looking to call anyone a bitch right here, just to say that the trump connection is annoying.

People very specifically got pissed that they decided to cast women, more than they were pissed that the film didn't take place in the "same universe."

I'm not bothered by Ghostbusters 2016. It wasn't exactly good imo. What I was saying is why is anyone getting mad that they are making a sequel to the second one when this one (2016) isn't even in the same universe. They can still have a sequel to the 2016 one though I'd honestly rather they just called it something else. Heck they could've called the 2016 film "The New Ghostbusters". Giving a movie that's got largely the same ideas but isn't a remake the exact same title is just asinine because now people have to specify which Ghostbusters film they mean.

And as for the whole fandom thing, every fandom ever WILL have racist or sexist fans. It's not new, but maybe the prevalence of the extremes are. I'm not trying to excuse their behavior, it's shitty. The individuals that harrassed Kelly Tran and Daisy Marie off social media are disgusting people, yes, but I dislike that these events are eventually left with the impression of "Star Wars fans don't like these people".

People who harassed Leslie Jones on the basis of race are just really stupid. They either forgot that Winston Zeddemore existed in the first place or didn't really care about the movies in general and just want to stir the controversial pot.

Posted January 21st by Fox Forever
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And I had a good time with the 2016 version, too.

Sure you did. What else would praise this faint signify? Honestly man, you're better off saving the diatribes about "misogyny", "toxic fans", and the shadowy cabals of angry white men looking to destroy media that they don't like for something better than this. The movie was a disaster.

If nothing else, I really do agree that there's no need to exhume Bill Murray and crew to make another one. I don't want to watch a Ghostbusters 3 that starts with them attending Egon Spengler's funeral, but you know that's what they'd do.

Just in case anyone forgot what this movie was.

Posted January 21st by Famov
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Outside of the female one just being a bad film. (Don't they pretty much treat Thor as eye candy?) I never understood the backlash.

Was it suppose to be a sequel? Reboot? Spin off? I honestly dont know. I've haven't seen it as the trailer just looked bad.

I would have enjoyed if they have gone the route of stranger things/ it. Group of teens (tweens?) Getting caught up in tje ghost busting business. That would have been neat...if it was done with the same quality and care of ST and IT.

Posted January 21st by S.o h.
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S.o h.

Honestly I think the 2009 Ghostbusters game that came out on PS3 and X360 did a better job of being Ghostbusters 3 then what we’ve gotten so far.


Posted January 22nd by Q
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