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Is the game still coming this Saturday or Sunday? No rush or anything, I know how development goes (professional development is actually *worse* than personal projects if you can believe it)

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The demo IS finished. We're prepping it to get it to you guys. My girlfriend is going to pre-test it (a few minutes from now, actually) and we're going to tweak a few things after we get her feedback, then send it to you guys.

I thought it would be ready to email tomorrow, but my best friend says we need a few days after the pre-testing session is over to tweak and adjust things.

Don't worry! It will be sent to you within the coming week! I'm sorry for the delay!

I'll be sending you a confirmation email tomorrow to make sure your email is good for receiving from our "professional" email (and see if it shows up in your spam...).

Posted December 9th by Laxan

I sent you an email confirmation.

Posted December 9th by Laxan

Stop pretending like you have a girlfriend and the game is to be sent by an email? Can't wait to check out the graphics

Posted Wednesday by Dr.Dre
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