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This was posted on r/games and is only speculation:

If you look at the top bar of the official Left 4 Dead website, you'll notice a link to Facebook. Clicking that will bring you to Ted Carson's (Valve developer) facebook page that features an image that resembles old L4D art, but without the pinky, making it a hand with only three distinct fingers.. For those unfamiliar with the series, the boxart for L4D2 features a decaying hand with two fingers.

The background image was uploaded around 20 hours ago or so. Additionally, Ted Carson is a longtime Valve developer and was leaked as a L4D3 developer as well. Something fishy is definitely going on.
The image on the FB page:

The most important detail to note here is that this image was updated very recently. Anyway - it's nothing to get too excited over. But it is interesting. L4D was my favorite series on the 360.

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Big if true.

Posted February 11th by nullfather

I wonder if this installment would be exclusive the the Xbox and windows platforms like the previous 2. If so that would help improve the X1’s exclusives issue.

Posted February 11th by Q

Unfortunately this is looking to be a scam. Apparently the L4D FB pages consolidated onto one page and the URL for left4dead2 became vacant. Someone seized the opportunity and updated it with the aforementioned photo.

Sorry to get anyone's hopes up with this post. As with any ASOIAF or Tool blips I let myself go along with these occurrences too easily.

Posted February 11th by Vandy

You have failed us Vandy :(

Posted February 11th by Moonray

I mean, did we really think Valve would make a third installment even with the banner?

Posted February 11th by Jet Presto
Jet Presto

Some of us like to live in hope, Jet Depresto.

But yea I've kinda resigned myself to the idea that Valve probably isn't going to release any sequels to their existing games.

Posted February 11th by Moonray

I mean, did we really think Valve would make a third installment even with the banner?

Not really. But I haven't lost all hope.

Posted February 11th by Vandy
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