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Kingdom Hearts 3 thoughts
Posted: Posted February 4th by -Riku-
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So, after having completed the story and seen the epilogue, I have mixed feelings about it. The worlds are beautiful in design and a lot of the new enemies are really well designed. The Gummi Ship is now more fun than it has ever been and is a far cry from the boring, slow paced flights from the first game. Being able to fly in pretty much any direction gives a whole new feel to the travel mechanic. The stories for the individual worlds are, for the most part, a lot better than in most of the other games. The only exception being Tangled which felt very boring to me as it kept the most boring parts of the movie as the world's plot. My favorite world is easily the Carribean as you FINALLY get to sail the open sea on a ship as well as being able to swim underwater with mechanics that don't suck. I am disappointed that we don't fight any of the main baddies until the final clash between the guardians of light and the vessels of darkness, but the fights against the few Disney villains we clash with as well as the monster bosses more than make up for it. The 100 Acre Woods felt EXTREMELY tacked on and can easily be skipped

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I agree with a lot of your thoughts. Kingdom Hearts III is probably the best entry in the series since the original game. Everything is generally improved over previous games (even the convoluted/dumb story, including the writing and dialogue). Exploring is more fun and better than ever. The worlds feel more alive than ever before. Interacting/finding simple puzzles is back in full swing and the game is better for it. The graphics are gorgeous. And, like I wrote, the story was a bit more engaging than I expected (especially the Disney worlds' little story arcs). I actually feel Frozen was the weakest world compared to Tangled. Next to Winnie the Pooh, of course.

That said, I have my own problems with the game. Synthesis doesn't feel as rewarding as it did in the first and second game. Combat is WAY too easy. I played on the hardest difficulty and the only times I "failed" were during gimmicky moments. KHIII needs Critical Mode. Badly.

Having completed the main story and unlocked the secret ending, I'm still trying to complete the sidequests and whatnot. But I'm enjoying it overall! More than I anticipated!

Posted February 5th by Laxan
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Yeah I almost never did synthesis except for weapons and some materials. And combat was pretty easy, but the sky and water fights were more challenging. The only bosses I had trouble with were the Xehanort trio and the secret boss, but that was just because I was under leveled the first time I fought him. Tangeled felt so boring to me but Frozen I enjoyed. Also, Marshmallow and Baymax can go away cause they kept blocking my view while exploring

Posted February 7th by -Riku-
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The final boss gave me a bit of a challenge, but I still didn't lose.

I haven't fought any optional bosses yet. I hope there's more than one secret boss....

Posted February 8th by Laxan
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Not really

Posted February 8th by -Riku-
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My early impression is that it is gorgeous, but boooooy does it feel dated.

Level designs feel like, 2013-ish, so that's an improvement from the past games.

Voice acting feels like 2004-ish.

Everything else feels 2002. Like, I've logged almost 3 hours, and I think about 30 minutes of that was actually playing. Rest was cutscenes or interruptive tutorial screens.

I can't say I've noticed any discernible increase in quality of the writing. It seems the same clunky dialogue and exposition-heavy "conversation," I find myself feeling incredibly bored and counting down until I get to actually do something (namely press X until I can press triangle).

But it is really pretty. Combat feels smoother than ever, despite some criticisms I have of it.

Posted February 11th by Jet Presto
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Most of the worlds, imo, feel fine. The only ones that bother me are Tangled and Frozen since both feel very empty, with Frozen being worse since Tangled at least had you visit the village. The Carribean is my favorite of the worlds due to being able to sail your pirate ship AND underwater controls that work. The voice acting isn't really bad, per se, but some characters just don't really feel like they're even trying. Master Xehanort is one such example. Also, Pete and Maleficent were completely pointless in this game. They show up at Olympus looking for the black box and have no impact on the story after that. The game constantly reminds us that they're in the game, but nothing comes of it.

As for the amount of cutscenes, I honestly didn't think they were too frequent. Pokemon S/M/US/UM were much worse when it came to this.

One thing I've noticed is that the game has gone back to the "hit X to win" style. At least in kh2, you had a few other moves you could activate use square, but that's not the case here and it bugs me. I do like the grand magic, but tbh the ride ones got old fast. The team-up ones I enjoyed, mostly, and at least made sense in universe.

The Gummi ship has had the most improvement and is a lot of fun.

Posted February 14th by -Riku-
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I realized the other day that I will *never* like the Gummi ship. It has easily been the element of the game that I hate the most.

Posted February 14th by Jet Presto
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I can definitely understand why you feel that way. However, I don't think it was all that bad in kh2 and is a lot of fun in kh3. Being able to go anywhere in the "galaxy" and not being confined to a single path makes exploration easier and more fun. I especially like that you can farm for synthesis materials and munny via the GS. However, I still feel like it could be improved. ESPECIALLY when it comes to ascending and descending.

Posted February 15th by -Riku-
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